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Hyperpigmentation As a Result of 20% Salicylic Acid Peel (Brown Skin)- What To Do To Improve? (photo)

I'm an indian male who used a 20% Salicylic Peel at home.Used it for a minute, then 4 days later for 5 minutes. Skin got better, but I now have... READ MORE

Can I Do a Salicylic Acid Peel at Home?

I have had Vitalize, Jessner, Vi and even TCA peels done at a skin care clinic and handled them quite well. Although the TCA was tough, painful and... READ MORE

What is the probability of this acid burn mark fading to match my skin? (Photo)

I foolishly tried a regime of salicylic acid to treat a mole. The mole seemingly disappeared however...this remains. It's been a week since I've... READ MORE

Used a salicylic acid acne pad too much/too long on an open pimple and resulted in burn. Please help! (Photo)

I had an open pimple & it was bleeding so I used my max complexion correction pads that I have for my acne & it kept bleeding anf ended up... READ MORE

I used a 2% salicylic acid treatment on my spots. I now have burns. Will they leave scars? How can I prevent scars? (Photo)

I used 2% salicylic acid treatment in my burns two nights in a row, I followed the instructions carefully but when I woke up the second morning I had... READ MORE

I applied 30% salicylic acid peel to my face for 3 minutes. Is it normal for it to be red & dry? It's only been 48 hours (Photo)

When will I start to see results? Will the dark spots on my cheeks fade or peel away? Does this look like a burn? If so, how can it be treated? READ MORE

How to remove tiny bumps on chin and nose? (Photo)

I'm 15 years old, i got those tiny bumps on my chin, under eyes and nose, i'm not sure is they are bumps maybe it's milia. But i tried lots of things... READ MORE

Is it normal to break out after a salicylic acid skin peel?

I have severe acne and I had my first peel two weeks ago and my skin was starting to clear, I then had my second skin peel yesterday and now my acne... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat scabs from 20% Salicylic acid chemical peel? (Photos)

I recently performed a peel on my chest and back to resolve minor issues which resulted in making the situation 20x worse. I now have these really raw... READ MORE

Can salicylic acid peel help prevent new acne? Is it a permanent solution for acne?

I'm done with one peel as of now, second one is in a few days. I want a permanent solution to my acne. I'm 23 and still getting acne. READ MORE

Treatment for salicylic acid skin burn? (Photo)

Burnt my skin using the clean and clear spot treatment. How can I help the healing process? How loNG will It take to heal? Will my skin return to normal? READ MORE

I Used a 20% Salicylic Peel Home Kit.

Im happy with the overall result. My face peeled and my skin feels like its in good condition. The only thing Im concerned about is some slight... READ MORE

Got skin burnt with the use of DUO FILM salicyclic solution. How can I get my skin repaired?

I used duofilm solution on my face for the the treatment of wart and my skin got burnt and its blackish now how can i get my skin repaired and spot free?? READ MORE

Contact Dermititus After Salicylic Acid Peel ,

Im 19 year old Asian girl.I had 20 % salicylic acid peel for moderate acne and comedones ,Some hours after the procedure i had dark spots like... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Side Effect. What to Do?

I have got red patches on my skin after salcylic peel.. and my acne have turned black.. please help.. i cant see my face in the mirror READ MORE

Redness after 20 percent acid peel. Will it go back to normal skin color? (Photo)

I have this redness after the scab fell of after doing 20 percent acid peel at dr office for removing brown spot on face .the scab fell odd within 5... READ MORE

Do salicylic acid peels clear up sun damaged skin like fluorouracil creams?

Fluorouracil products are so expensive i was wondering if salicylic acid peels would provide some of the same benefits, READ MORE

I performed 30% Salicylic peel at home for 2 mins last night. Please advise me on my question now. (Photo)

Procedure steps 1#clean my face isopropyl 70% with cotton ball(Covered my eye,nostril n around lip areas with vaseline)2#small amount of Acid on... READ MORE

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