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How Long Does It Takes for Skin to Be Back to Normal After a Salicylic Acid Burn? (photo)

I just had a salicylic chemical peel for my acne. Its 2nd day now, and my face is burned in all the areas treated. The skin is getting dry, patchy and... READ MORE

Redness After 18% Salicylic Acid Peel

I had my first 18% chemical peel done yesterday (22/07/11) for mild/mod acne (I have never had a chem peel prior). And today I am very red/ brown and... READ MORE

Dark spots after Salicylic Acid peel normal? (Photos)

Used an at-home salycilic acid 30% as guided by the instructions and left on for two minutes. This is what my skin looks like a couple of hours after.... READ MORE

Pink Skin Under Peeling from 18% Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel

I had an 18% sal acid chemical peel at my derm's office 2 days ago. Some areas have turned brown and are peeling quite substantially. The new skin... READ MORE

Will salicylic peel cause my skin to break out?

I had a light salycilic acid peel about a week and a half ago to help with moderate acne and scarring. My skin totally broke out like 3 days after the... READ MORE

I applied 30% salicylic acid peel to my face for 3 minutes. Is it normal for it to be red & dry? It's only been 48 hours (Photo)

When will I start to see results? Will the dark spots on my cheeks fade or peel away? Does this look like a burn? If so, how can it be treated? READ MORE

Is it normal to break out after a salicylic acid skin peel?

I have severe acne and I had my first peel two weeks ago and my skin was starting to clear, I then had my second skin peel yesterday and now my acne... READ MORE

Salicylic acid peel burn! Dark spots don't look good (Photo)

Ive had many of these peels before but not as frequently as I did this time. I did this peel only a week after my last one. The skin turned white... READ MORE

Is it normal to get the burning sensation 10-20 min AFTER a 25% salicylic acid peel?

Is it normal to get the burning sensation after a 25% salicylic acid peel? I mean, it's been 10-20 minutes already and I still feel burning. This is... READ MORE

I got a 20% salicylic peel 2 days ago. Are these dry patches normal? (Photo)

I got a 20% salicylic chemical peel done 2 days ago. I waited 24 hours to put make up on but wiped it off after 2 hours of having it on. I wanted to... READ MORE

When does pinkness go away after a salicylic peel? (Photo)

I had a mild salicylic acid peel for acne 4 days ago, I dont remember the exact %, but they also put 1% retinol on top of it at the end of the peel.... READ MORE

Brown spots after acid peel?

I had an acid peel yesterday for brown spots but this morning my cheek had bubbled it is huge and protrudes away from my face is this normal? I don't... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Face to Be Filled with Strawberry Like Black Dots All over It After Using a 20% BHA Peel?

I've been using a 20% salycic acid peel every 5 days for about four weeks, and i'm noticing so many blackheads in the form of strawberry like... READ MORE

I have bad corns on my feet so I used a corn plaster to try and remove it. The plasters contain salicylic acid

I took the plaster off today and the skin all around the corn is white and peeling away I'm worried should I stop using them or is this normal READ MORE

I did a 15% salicylic acid peel with all the instructions. I wasn't told that it would burn and turn white. Can I reapply?

So I took the burning and whiting as a warning and rinsed it off within 44 seconds of having it on I did a little more research and found out that the... READ MORE

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