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Very Permanent Red Skin, What to Do? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 19 y/o man with a permanent red skin (cheeks & nose), it started when i was 15-16. It gets intens red by triggers like cold/hot... READ MORE

Is This Rosacea on my Nose?

I'm trying to figure out exactly what my conditions are on the corner of my nose and the redness on my nose. My current dermatalogist never really... READ MORE

Does Rosacea and Acne have an effect on the growth of facial hair?

I'm a healthy 29 year old man but I have almost no facial hair. I have a little on my chin and a little stubble on my upper lip but thats it. I had... READ MORE

What should I do about extremely red cheeks? (photo)

I have had red cheeks since I was born. For that reason I don't know if there is anything I can do because it isn't stress-related. They are always... READ MORE

Rosacea, red nose area. Please suggest what to do at this stage.

I am 27 years old male with a fair skin. My face stays red and nose area stays beet red all the time. Whenever I get pimples commonly on my face but... READ MORE

Rosacea Laser Treatment Options?

Hi, I am a 24 yr old Asian male, fairly light skinned (but tanned quite a bit from the sun). I have developed rosacea over the past year and it's... READ MORE

I am 24 and have red and spot prone skin, especially around my cheeks, I think its Rosacea.. (photo)

I have had this before but it seems to be worse. I recall getting rid of it by using a tea tree facial wash and a moisturiser but now after doing some... READ MORE

Skin problem with rosacea? (photo)

Hi my boyfriend get some problem with rosácea on is face From the last fews years He is really try a lot of creme but nothink help What can he do to ... READ MORE

I have facial redness. Any suggestions?

Hi , i am 29 male for aslong as i can remeber i have blushed/flushed easily ( centre attention, caught ofguard, social situation) Because i know... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this redness on my nose and cheeks? It's really affecting my self confidence. I'm a 20 year old male (Photo)

I've had this redness for years now all through my teens it really affects my happiness in myself. I think it's rosacea ?? Please steer me in the... READ MORE

How can I stop Rosacea Nodules from forming? (Photos)

Hi i'm a 33 year old male. I've had Rosacea since my mid 20's but only in the past year have I started to get nodule like lesions on my face. I get... READ MORE

I've been having Rosacea/ dermatitis symptoms since childhood, but experienced a sudden increase in extreme facial redness. (pho

Whats an effective gel/ RX and otc that can be used to combat extreme facial redness? A dermatologist said that I have moderate Rosacea, but I'm aware... READ MORE

What would be the best skin repair treatment for my sun damaged and rosacea heavy face? (photos)

I'm 35 years old and over the past few years I've noticed that the fine lines below my eyes are becoming deeper and more sunken.. making me look... READ MORE

21, male: I have rhinophyma, but no redness. (Photo)

I am receiving treatment ; topical cream, antibiotic. But during these 30 days, no improvement is seen. I notice my nose bumps become flat after... READ MORE

Do I have Rosacea? Help me! (Photo)

Hi! I am a boy, 17 years old and I am having a hard time dealing with my skin. It's oily, dry, irritated and RED. I have facial hair now which... READ MORE

Rosacea type 1 or KPRF? (Photo)

I'm suffering from red cheeks since i can think about. I'm a 34 year old male. I've been to 2 dermatologists and one of them told me that with IPL... READ MORE

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