Burning + Rosacea Treatment

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Finacea Foam side effects?

I was prescribed with Finacea Foam 15% and was wondering what the overall side effects were. I managed to finish off the entire can, but was... READ MORE

Sensitive Skin And Burning Sensation After Discontinuation of Salicylic Product Use.

I'm suffering from rosacea symtoms. I used an essence containing Salicylic acid. I assume that the amount of the ingredient would be not so much (... READ MORE

I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 rosacea. Would laser be helpful for me? (photos)

I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 rosacea after a bad flareup (trigger is sun). I was put on Doxy a month ago and havent had a flare up since. My... READ MORE

Bad facial flushing/burning from single Rosacea treatments. MIRVISO, IPL & VASCULAR LASER.

Help! Had minor redness on my upper cheeks and no flushing or burning. My derm prescribed Mirvaso. Tried it on day one and it took away the redness... READ MORE

Is this Rocasea? (photo)

18M Since about September 2015 I have had bad facial redness on my cheecks and across my nose along with intense facial flushing at in... READ MORE

Does using locoid for rosacea cause peeling and burning? Is that normal? (Photo)

I have been using this locoid cream for a couple of days and my skin has began to peel and burn bad. I have roseca on my face and I have been advised... READ MORE

When does the rebound effects from Mirvaso end? (photos)

My dermatologist gave me a sample of Mirvaso for mild rocasea on my face and also recommended it for keratosis pilaris rubra on my arms. I used it on... READ MORE

What treatments for rosacea are typically covered by health insurance?

I have rosacea and currently use tretinoin which seems to assist with helping to prevent pimple break-outs. I 'was' able to get this covered through... READ MORE

Painful, dry, burning cheeks: Eczema or steroid withdrawal or Rosacea? (Photos)

Nummular eczema over body since birth. Intermittent use of topical steroids through life. Beginning around 2011 for a couple of years mild to potent... READ MORE

Can Accutane improve Rosacea once finished? My Rosacea is the worst it's been! Very inflamed and burning.

I have been prescribed accutane as I suffer with acne and Rosacea. I am towards the end of my course and recently started taking 60mg. I've been... READ MORE

Could I have rosacea?

Everynow and the through out the day ill suddenly get flare ups in my face where all of a sudden i develop red burning bumps all over m y cheeks and... READ MORE

It seems like I have rosecea on face, have mild symptoms. All of a sudden I noticed bumps all over my shoulder and arms? (photo)

I have slight burning sensation on shoulders. Do I have rosecea on my arms and shoulders? This appeared all of a sudden which has me questions it.... READ MORE

Treatment for Stage 1 Rosacea?

I've been diagnosed with pre-rosacea. My nose and cheeks are slightly pink, get flushed from hot food, alcohol, cold temperatures etc. Sometimes small... READ MORE

My scalp and forehead has a lot of redness and my VA dermatologist prescribed Ketoconazole cream 2% 2x daily? (Photos)

All the VA clinic did was take photos of my forhead and sent them to the dermatologist at Cleveland VA hospital for diagnoses. No direct patient to... READ MORE

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