Bumps + Rosacea Treatment

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Best Product for Tiny Pimples from Mild Rosacea?

I have mild rosacea. What would be the best product to use on my forehead to get rid of tiny pimples/bumps? I have tried metrogel, hydrocortisone,... READ MORE

Bumps and Skin Thickening Caused by Rosacea

The skin on my forehead just above my eyebrows are thickening and I have bumps on my checks all due to rosacea. I'm so sick of all this. It... READ MORE

Tretinoin and rosacea skin. (photos)

Hi, I've been using tretinoin 0,05% cream, once a wk for the past 3 wks. I think my skin had rosacea before. These are the photos of my skin now. I... READ MORE

Does long term use of Finacea cause skin damage?

Hey ! I have been using Finacea every morning and evening the last three years. My doctor has prescribed it to me to reduce bumps and pimples (rosacea... READ MORE

Could this be steroid rosacea? (photos)

Had surgery on 5/10/14 and had a bad reaction to Clyndamicin. Few days later My face turned red. Few weeks later I broke out in tiny itchy red bumps... READ MORE

Allergy or Rosacea? (Photo)

What should I do to get rid of the bumps? Is this rocesea or an allergy? I have bumps on my forehead and redness is my skin. I thought maybe rocesea... READ MORE

How can I stop Rosacea Nodules from forming? (Photos)

Hi i'm a 33 year old male. I've had Rosacea since my mid 20's but only in the past year have I started to get nodule like lesions on my face. I get... READ MORE

Disrupted skin barrier on small area of right cheek, how do you fix this?

The skin barrier has been disrupted due to using wrong clarisonic head brush and upping avene retrinal from 0.05% to 1% I had no problem with low... READ MORE

I have Rosacea. My chin is full of bumps but thankfully the redness isn't bad (yet). And I'm getting the tiny veins on my face.

I had one V-Beam laser treatment for the veins, which were worse on the edges of my nose, and my chin which is my biggest concern. The laser did take... READ MORE

Mild Rosacea, not persistently flushing. Feel more sting/itchy and texture change in skin around my mouth. Is this seb derm too?

I was diagnosed with Rosacea about 3 1/2 yrs ago, I am a 38 yr old female, med skin tone. Initially I felt a stinging burn and with a few visible... READ MORE

What is wrong? Red raised pustule pimple acne like spots and facial constant facial redness. (photo)

I always feel hot and heated in the face i break out in these pastule pimple like bumps and rashes. I have seen a beauty therapist who has advised it... READ MORE

What can I do about red spots and bumps worsening following PDL treatment for Rosacea?

I have been struggling with rosacea. I have used lasers in the past to treat it and some treatments have left me with more permanent red spots and... READ MORE

Could I have the rare skin condition Rosacea? (Photo)

I have red bumps all over my face and what appears to be broken blood vessels on my cheeks. I consume spicy foods, dairy products and just about any... READ MORE

21, male: I have rhinophyma, but no redness. (Photo)

I am receiving treatment ; topical cream, antibiotic. But during these 30 days, no improvement is seen. I notice my nose bumps become flat after... READ MORE

Could I have rosacea?

Everynow and the through out the day ill suddenly get flare ups in my face where all of a sudden i develop red burning bumps all over m y cheeks and... READ MORE

It seems like I have rosecea on face, have mild symptoms. All of a sudden I noticed bumps all over my shoulder and arms? (photo)

I have slight burning sensation on shoulders. Do I have rosecea on my arms and shoulders? This appeared all of a sudden which has me questions it.... READ MORE

Bumps on Nose and Upturned Tip- Final Result? (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty almost 5 weeks ago and have some bumps on my nose, both on the left side and on top near the tip. I was happy with my nose... READ MORE

Rosacea - Bumps and Raised Skin? (photo)

Greeting - I have hereditary rosacea which is just starting o become noticeable thus year - I have cystic acne on my chin (controllable) but now I'm... READ MORE

Sore eyes from rosacea. Sudden development of yellow bumps under eye. Eye feels bruised and tender. Any suggestions? (photo)

During my latest flare my under eye veins are more pronounced. Also little yellow dots are more pronounced too. One eye feels tender. What are the... READ MORE

Frontal sinus symetrical bumps under skin on both sides no symptoms of sinusitis what is it?

Hi about a week ago my frontal sinuses started to flair up and I started getting headaches and felt tired, I suffer from anxiety so I don't know if... READ MORE

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