Age 18-24 + Rosacea Treatment

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Is It Possible in Anyway to Permanently Stop Rosacea Facial Flushing?

Since 18 I have started to to get a deep red, hot facial flush every time I get too hot, too cold, embarrassed, aroused or when I am exercising which... READ MORE

Very Permanent Red Skin, What to Do? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 19 y/o man with a permanent red skin (cheeks & nose), it started when i was 15-16. It gets intens red by triggers like cold/hot... READ MORE

Is this rosacea on my nose/cheeks? (photos)

I am 19 years old and I've had a red nose for almost a year now. Now and then also red spots appear but disappear after a few weeks. It sometimes also... READ MORE

Rosacea Laser Treatment Options?

Hi, I am a 24 yr old Asian male, fairly light skinned (but tanned quite a bit from the sun). I have developed rosacea over the past year and it's... READ MORE

I am 24 and have red and spot prone skin, especially around my cheeks, I think its Rosacea.. (photo)

I have had this before but it seems to be worse. I recall getting rid of it by using a tea tree facial wash and a moisturiser but now after doing some... READ MORE

How can I reduce redness on my cheeks and nose?

Am 24yrold female.i have redness on my cheeks very frequently but not static.Recently i have used kaya facial cleanser and suncreen spf 15 for my face... READ MORE

Is there a skin care routine that would help me get rid of face redness caused by rosacea? (photos)

I'm 21 years old, have been suffering from rosacea for almost 3years now.My face is permanently red on my forehead, cheeks , and chin and my pores... READ MORE

I have rosasea. Will it worsen if excersise 5 days a week (cardio) I'm ready paranoid!! Please offer some advice.

I am 22, olive skin who had fractional & non-fractional Lazer performed in my face for acne scarring. It's been 6 months and my derm confirmed I now... READ MORE

Best treatment for 24 year old with rosacea. Currently using metro cream 2x daily. Looking for more permanent relief.

I am 24 with rosacea. I am currently using metro cream (last 3 months). Becomes extremely inflamed when I blush or experience any stress, big or small... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this redness on my nose and cheeks? It's really affecting my self confidence. I'm a 20 year old male (Photo)

I've had this redness for years now all through my teens it really affects my happiness in myself. I think it's rosacea ?? Please steer me in the... READ MORE

Redness - Rosacea? (Photos)

Hello, so I'm an 18 year old female and ability 2 years ago I got a spot on my cheek and although the spot went I still had remaining redness. Now... READ MORE

18 Year Old Female, Do I have Papulopustular rosacea? (Photos)

I have had acne since I was 13, Ive seen every dermatologist, tried every medication, topical, laser, machine, diet plan, birth control, over the... READ MORE

I have been diagnosed with rosacea which is only visible on my nose. Will I be able to get my nose pierced?

I am currently 18 years old and want to get my nose pierced. A few months ago i was diagnosed with rosacea and have been using metronidazole topical... READ MORE

Rosacea treatment. Is it safe to get an IPL facial or laser treatment considering my medications? (photos)

I am 21 & my derm thinks I have rosacea. I started to get it around 17 or so. I have Juvenile RA, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, &ehlers danlos... READ MORE

I am 19 years old and have problem with my nose its all the time red. How to Get Rid of my Skin Redness (Red Nose)? (photo)

I am 19 years old i have problem with my nose its all the time red, since i came to england 4 years ago, i used creams to treat that using ruboril for... READ MORE

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