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What is the Best Treatment for Spider Angiomas?

I was diagnosed with mild rosacea on my face, and I have two small spider angiomas: one right above my left eyebrow and one on the right side of the... READ MORE

Rosacea Treatments Caused the Symptoms to Worsen?

I have recently started a treatment regimen of Tetracycline and Epiduo gel to treat the symptoms of Rosacea (swollen, red nose, a few bumps). My nose... READ MORE

Should I Continue with Tetracycline for Treating Rosacea?

I have been on Tetracycline for rosacea induced red nose and nasal swelling (I have been 1000 mg/10 days, then 500/day). I see a slight improvement,... READ MORE

How long will the medicine take for my face to clear up to my normal skin? Will it even go away?

I went to see my doctor and she prescribed me with azithromycin 250 MG for my Rosecea I've been on it for about 6 days, she gave it to me to take for... READ MORE

Can you use retinol with vitamin C?

I've heard that you are not suppose to combine retinol with glycolics but I've also heard that vitamin c can also disturb the vitamin a molecule. So... READ MORE

Why Am I Getting Peripheral Tingling and Numbness from Rosacea Treatments?

I have tried Metrogel/cream, Finacea, Doxycycline, Clindamycin, and topical Erythromycin for rosacea pimples/pustules, and each treatment eventually... READ MORE

Tretinoin and rosacea skin. (photos)

Hi, I've been using tretinoin 0,05% cream, once a wk for the past 3 wks. I think my skin had rosacea before. These are the photos of my skin now. I... READ MORE

Rosacea Redness Responds to Nothing - What are my Options?

I've had 2 IPL's And a V-Beam, none of which reduced the redness on cheeks, chin, or nose. My doctor says the v-beam won't get deep enough... READ MORE

Finacea Foam side effects?

I was prescribed with Finacea Foam 15% and was wondering what the overall side effects were. I managed to finish off the entire can, but was... READ MORE

Can Vit C serum contribute to broken capillaries?

I have mild rosacea with redness, but no pustules. My rosacea is in good control, but I do notice that I've developed more broken capillaries around... READ MORE

How long will it take Erythromycin to work effectively on moderate papular rosacea?

I first got rosacea 3 years ago and it was successfully treated and was in remission for two years.i had a flare up two months ago and i have been on... READ MORE

Does long term use of Finacea cause skin damage?

Hey ! I have been using Finacea every morning and evening the last three years. My doctor has prescribed it to me to reduce bumps and pimples (rosacea... READ MORE

Post Rosacea Treatment: Now Have Hypopigmentation

Then had lazer treatment to bring back pigments for 4 months 2 times a week not much differnt is there anything else I can do? READ MORE

The 2 meds. my pharmacist recommended are Epiduo, and Differin. Are these meds. affective?Never had skin problems before!

I recently developed Rosacea. I am 64, and have never had anything, but beautiful skin. There are two medications my pharmacist recommended, as the... READ MORE

Sensitive Skin And Burning Sensation After Discontinuation of Salicylic Product Use.

I'm suffering from rosacea symtoms. I used an essence containing Salicylic acid. I assume that the amount of the ingredient would be not so much (... READ MORE

BBL Laser and Rosacea

I have had my 2nd BBL (Scion) laser treatment for rosacea redness. The first treatment i got mild bumps/acne redness for a few days. The results where... READ MORE

My Rosacea Gets Better When I Go to the Tanning Bed - Why?

Why is It That when I Go to Tanning Bed my Rosacea Gets Better and It is Said to Stay out of Sun? READ MORE

Why Has my Seborrheic Dermatitis Flared After Vbeam? (photo)

I had Vbeam yesterday (my 5th one) and i have these red patches on the sides of my face that have now flared. The rest of my face is not swollen and... READ MORE

Bumps on Nose and Upturned Tip- Final Result? (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty almost 5 weeks ago and have some bumps on my nose, both on the left side and on top near the tip. I was happy with my nose... READ MORE

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