Acne + Rosacea Treatment

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Rosacea Acne Treatment Options?

I'm a 44-year-old Indian female, and have redness on central portion of my face, particularly the cheeks and nose. There is also a lot of burning... READ MORE

OTC Retinols or Vitamin C for Oily Rosacea W/blackheads?

I'm a 49 y/o WF; peri-menopausal; hypothyroid. I have acne rosacea (severe w/blackheads & cysts in addition to breakouts) no longer well... READ MORE

Does Rosacea and Acne have an effect on the growth of facial hair?

I'm a healthy 29 year old man but I have almost no facial hair. I have a little on my chin and a little stubble on my upper lip but thats it. I had... READ MORE

Do I have rosacea? 17 years old, will be 18 soon. (photos)

Had this issue after i got pimples for the first time that was 5 years ago.. after 2-3 months of having pimples I had red cheeks It might be because I... READ MORE

I am post accutane by 7 weeks. Is This Rosacea? (photo)

I am post accutane by 7 weeks. redness occurred during and mostly after accutane. Did not have rosacea before. Triggers are:... READ MORE

Could this be steroid rosacea? (photos)

Had surgery on 5/10/14 and had a bad reaction to Clyndamicin. Few days later My face turned red. Few weeks later I broke out in tiny itchy red bumps... READ MORE

How can I treat my rosacea?? I ha small papular eruptions as well on my forehead?

I am 25 year old female,Indian,suffering from acne rosacea ( which I finally diagnosed myself), I have been taking treatment since I was 14 years on... READ MORE

Do the papules and pustules of papulopustular rosacea look just like acne?

Do the papules and pustules of papulopustular rosacea look exactly the same in terms of appearance as the papules and pustules found in acne? How do... READ MORE

Seb derm, rosacea and acne, what treatment?

I am 29 years old (woman)and have am dealing with adult acne and oily skin with flaking . Have been on antibiotics for several years. Antibiotics have... READ MORE

Do I have acne Rosacea? If so what do u reccommend for it?

For two years I've had a red rash on my face and acne I've tried X out non scented soaps alcohol toothpaste clearasil and doxycycline and nothing... READ MORE

When you get Acne Rosacea has it advanced to this stage from now on?

My rosacea was redness and blushing, latest episode was acne rosacea with pimples. have had rosacea for 14 yrs. READ MORE

Rosacea treatment?

I am suffering from rosacea which is effected to face and even eyes also and my left eye is much effected with acne. So can u give any solution to... READ MORE

Do I have rosacea? Or something else? (Photos)

Hi. I had moderate-sever acne in my early teens (13-16). I was referred toa dermatologist and was started on isotretonoin. My skin cleared up within 6... READ MORE

I have a question about Dermatology for my face. Any suggestions?

Hello I am a 40 year old female with rosacea and recently have acne on my chin as well as very uneven skin tone on my face. Any suggestions would be... READ MORE

I have rosacea vulgaris. Can I use night creams on the effected area?

My rosaceae is not very aggravated these daays nut sometimes it does with some acne also. READ MORE

Can Accutane improve Rosacea once finished? My Rosacea is the worst it's been! Very inflamed and burning.

I have been prescribed accutane as I suffer with acne and Rosacea. I am towards the end of my course and recently started taking 60mg. I've been... READ MORE

Rosacea or acne? (Photo)

Am i having Rosacea or acne..And Whats the right treatment for this. READ MORE

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