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I Only Have a Week to Recover from Rhinoplasty, is This Long Enough?

I'm in outside sales where I see about 8 accounts/ day and drive about 100 miles/day. I only have a week to recover at home. Is this long enough... READ MORE

Can I Work Outdoors After a Rhinoplasty if I Use Sunscreen?

I work outdoors at a conservation site for most of my summer afternoons. I'm worried that I will damage the results of my rhinoplasty doing this,... READ MORE

If I Volunteered at a Practice Do You Think a Surgeon Would Give Me a Free Procedure?

I really want a nose job but neither me or my parents can afford it with the high cost of my college tuition. Do you think if I volunteered at a... READ MORE

How Much Time off of Work is Recommended for Surgical Aesthetic Rhinoplasty if You Wear a Surgical Mask for Your Profession?

Hello, I am currently planning some time off work to have surgical aesthetic rhinoplasty done. I am a nurse in the Operating Room and wear a surgical... READ MORE

Dental Hygienist - Going Back to Work After Rhinoplasty

I Am a Dental Hygienist. Can I Wear a Face Mask While Working Following Rhinoplasty? READ MORE

How long is the recovery of a nose job before you are able to go back to work?

I am a male transitioning towards a new exciting adventure of womanhood. I realize it is necessary to undertake a number of measures.One of the first... READ MORE

Can Brick Oven Smoke Affect Rhinoplasty Healing Process?

I was just curious i work in a restaurant that has a brick oven and at times the oven can get backed up and smoke up can this effect my nose ? READ MORE

I Plan on Getting a Nose Job This Summer. I Am a Lifeguard. Will the Sun Exposure Be an Issue?

I'm a lifeguard over the summer. I wear heavy sunblock (50+) and there are umbrellas in our chairs. I plan on returning to work 3-5 days following the... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op Rhino & Chin Lipo, Work with Toddlers, How can I Work Without Enduring Injury?

I had rhinoplasty and chin lipo three weeks ago and have been hit severely- once on the chin and today elbowed hard on my nose by my toddler patients?... READ MORE

Is heavy lifting at work after rhinoplasty safe?

I am a 20 year old girl and I weigh only about 100 lbs so I am pretty small. I am planning to get a rhinoplasty but my only concern is returning to... READ MORE

How can I protect my new nose from the sun at work?

I am 2 weeks post op and I LOVE my new nose. However, I am going to have to be back to work next week. I train horses so my job involves many hours of... READ MORE

One month after rhinoplasty and back to work - experience headache and swelling in face.

1 mnth aftr rhinoseptoplasty, I m going to offz now. In my offz; AC cooling is very high. My nose became extremely dry,I m not able to take rest in... READ MORE

Nose stitches are hurting me two weeks after rhinoplasty. Is that normal?

I didn't feel any pain through the last two weeks until now. I also returned to work after 10 days and for the last 5 days I have been working so hard... READ MORE

I hate my tip after Rhinoplasty - Can it be taken out? (Photos)

Hello I am in early days of my pot op rhinoplasty journey . I alread hate the tip everybody say it fine and due to swelling - I will give it time to... READ MORE

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