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Alar Batten Grafts

Hello, I wanted to know what exactly does an Alar Batten graft achieve? Also will it make my alar base wider or increase the flare? Will it make the... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty and the Results Look Horrible - is There Any Way to Fix This? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 10 days ago. When the cast came off, I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. Something was off, but I couldn't point... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce the Nose Bridge in Between the Eyes to Give Wider Eye Effect?

I was wondering if you can reduce, make thinner, etc. the nasal bridge (area) right between the eyes. Right now my eyes look too close together and i... READ MORE

Nose Too Narrow After Rhinoplasty

My nose was too narrowed after the surgery. I would say the doctor tool 3/4 of my nose out. My nose is too narrow and sits too far from my face. I am... READ MORE

Removal of Hanging Columella During Rhinoplasty Result in Wider Nose?

I was wondering if the removal of a hanging columella would make a nose appear wider or the nostrils flare more? It seems to me that removing the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Nose Widening with Smile, Wide Nostrils, Bulbous Tip, Short Bridge. What Needs to Be Done and Average Cost? (photo)

My nose isnt awful when Im not smiling, but when I smile or widen my mouth my nose gets much larger/wider. The tip is big, but I have a short bridge.... READ MORE

Can the Top of the Nose Be Widened?

Can the top of the nose between the eyes be widened, like with adding bone? Mine is so small. READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty Does Packing Make Your Nose Look Wider Before You Remove It?

Ive noticed my nose looks wider after rhinoplasty. i have a splint on and packing inside which Iam instructed to remove in a few hours..will it look... READ MORE

Restylane Vs Rhinoplasty to Widen & Soften Face?

Hello, I have a long narrow face with undefined cheeks & cheek bones; therefore my face looks flat. My doctor has suggested restylane in my cheeks... READ MORE

What are your recommendations for nose widening at the base after upper jaw surgery? (photos)

I had Lefort I and my upper jaw was moved forward 5 mm. My nose before really did not widen before surgery and it makes me very self conscious now. I... READ MORE

How to Get Subtle and Effective WIDER Nose?

I dislike my nose, even though many would consider it the perfect nose. I feel it is too narrow, in particular the upper third of the bridge bothers... READ MORE

Can stretching the nostril passages widen them? (photos)

When you flare your nostrils open manually, they wide up. Can this action stretch the nostrils instantly or over time? READ MORE

Wider Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Hello! Can the bridge of my nose still get wider AFTER a rhinoplasty operation? Is it possible that the bones wander outwards and leave the nose wider... READ MORE

My nose widens too much when I smile! What can be done? (photos)

I got rhinoplasty 9 months ago. Now I am really unsecure because I hate how my nose/face looks when I smile. My doctor did a cephalic trim and... READ MORE

Does removing a dorsal hump on a thick nose result in a wider appearance from the front?

I've spent literally hours reading through reviews on this site, and I've come to an alarming conclusion. It seems that many people who have thicker... READ MORE

Can I Get a Wider and Flatter Nose?

My nose is way to slim and pointy. I think if my nose was a bit wider and flatter it would compliment my other features. I always hear people getting... READ MORE

Masturbation at day 4 post Rhinoplasty !!! What internal damage may I have caused ? Is it as serious ?

I simply had a rhinoplasty (removing a small hump, rounding the sharp edges tip, widening the lower bridge with internal nose grafts) 15 days ago and... READ MORE

Make Nose Wider After Rhinoplasty? Almost 2 Yrs Ago

My new nose looks way to thin for my face, it's pointier & flares more. I told my PS the only problem I had was when I smiled my nose drooped a... READ MORE

How can I achieve a wider nose bridge?

I'm a guy and I find that my nose bridge seems too thin across for my face. I'd like to make it wider where it meets my brow ridge, and down the... READ MORE

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