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How to Fix a Wide Nose? And Estimated Cost?

I've searched everywhere but cannot find any nose job cases similar to mine. By looking at my pictures, can you tell me how this can be fixed? And... READ MORE

Nose Looks Big and Wide After Rhinoplasty

I had an open Rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I really don't like the way my nose looks. I had my nose made smaller, nostrils narrowed, made it come to a... READ MORE

Can my Wide, Bulbous Nose Be Reduced in Size?

I have a wide, bulbous nose and I was wondering if with Rhinoplasty I can reduce my nose to something like the picture below. I want my results to... READ MORE

Is Tip Plasty the Right Procedure for a Bulbous, Wide Nose?

I find that my nose becomes very bulbous and wide, particularly when smiling and I was hoping that this could be refined to become more defined and... READ MORE

Can I get fat removed from my nose?

I want a narrower nose... but I'm happy with my profile. Nothing to cut cartilage-wise I think. If the fat is simply removed... is there the... READ MORE

After Cast Removal (Rhinoplasty), How Much is Swelling?

I had a dorsal hump removed, the projection of the nose was reduced and my tip was very slightly narrowed. I love the profile, except the elevation of... READ MORE

Does your nose get thinner as you age?

My nose is a bit wide,but when I smile it gets very wide! I am 16,Caucasian,and I'm considering to do a nose job in future to slim my nose. But I'd... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Nose Look Taller? (photo)

My nose is quite wide and flat at the bottom. I mostly want to make my nose less wide. I hope to remove the tip or ball at the end of my nose. Would... READ MORE

What Type of Nose Surgery is Best to Reduce a Rather Wide Nose and Bulbous Tip?

I have a lot of questions, but let me stick with this- What type of nose surgery would be best for my nose, and what kind of result can I expect??... READ MORE

Nose is Too Wide and Fat for my Face? Rhinoplasty Options? (photo)

As an 18 y/o musician doing lots of close-up video work, I've always felt very self-conscious about my nose, as I feel it does not proportionally... READ MORE

Why does septoplasty ALWAYS make your nose wider?

Every single ( cosemtic non rhinoplasty) septoplasty pictures I see show before and after photos in which patients have MUCH fatter noses afterwards.... READ MORE

Is This Swelling or Have my Bones Set Like This?

I had a first closed rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago to remove a small hump on bridge of my nose, and also narrowing of nasal bones and had work done to... READ MORE

Could a Rhinoplasty Reduce the Width of my Nose?

My nose seems too wide for my face. There is also a lack of definition at the bottom of my nose where it seems to round off. I have slightly apparent... READ MORE

10 Months Post Rhinoplasty: Nose is Still Too Large

I had my nose done in August of last year I still feel my bridge is a little to wide and my profile is still boxy is it too soon to consider revision? READ MORE

Is Just Fixing the Tip of a Wideset Bulbous Nose a Difficult Procedure?

The tip of my nose is quite bulbous and my nostrils are large. When I smile, my nose becomes very wide and the tip appears much bigger. If you are... READ MORE

I Have Very Thick Skin Around my Nose and It is Very Wide, Will I Get Good Results?

I am getting Rhinoplasty at the end of this month. I have a really wide nose and my plastic surgeon said he is not going to remove any skin but just... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Reduce Width of Nose? (photo)

I am very unhappy with the width of my nose, and would like it reduced however I am very concerned with the rhinoplasty not looking natural. What... READ MORE

My Nose is Flat and Wide, Would Laser Work? (photo)

Saw plastic surgeon. he said that nose is wide and flat as you can see from the photos .said that the problem is not on the inside because he looked... READ MORE

Nose still looks really wide 3 months after septo/rhinoplasty. Is it just a case of waiting for the swelling to go down? (Photo)

I'm really worried that my nose is going to be wider than it was before I had my surgery. I had a dorsal hump and a deviated septum. I asked for the... READ MORE

Estimate Cost for Rhinoplasty for my Nose?

I understand without a personal consultation from a Dr. i can't get an exact cost for my nose job.but just some info I'm going to list... READ MORE

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