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Open Rhinoplasty Recovery - Can I Attend a Wedding 1 Month Post-op?

I am supposed to attend a celebrity wedding a month after having rhinoplasty. Since both my bones and cartilage will go through re-shaping, I'm... READ MORE

Is 8 months enough recovery time for rhinoplasty before getting married?

I am planning to get married 8 months after rhinoplasty. Will this be enough time for the swelling to go away? What can I expect 8 months post op?... READ MORE

I will be recovering alone for a week post surgery (Septo and Rhinoplasty) and would like to know some professional opinions.

The Surgeon i am booked with has developed at technique which allows the procedure (rhinoplasty & septoplasty) to be peformed without general... READ MORE

11 weeks until my wedding day & considering open rhinoplasty- too late? Yes or No? (photos)

Since I was 14 I've wanted this. I'm now stressing myself out thinking how much I want it before my big day. I sooo want to feel confident on my big... READ MORE

Is swollen nose tip on the next day of cast removal normal? How long will it take to get back to normal?

Its 10 days since I underwent was an open surgery.the cast qas removed on d 7th day post looked great that day.the nose was... READ MORE

Recovery for Tip Rhinoplasty in less than 5 months before my wedding? (Photo)

The length of my nose as well as cleft in the tip has always bothered me, especially when I smile. I have been consulted my surgeon who says it should... READ MORE

Getting a closed Rhino/Septo plasty before my sisters wedding. Concerned I will not be presentable or be able to enjoy myself?

My ENT surgeon had to re-schedule my appointment for a Closed Rhino/Septo plasty I am getting the procedure done before my sisters wedding. However... READ MORE

Want to know how my first rhinoplasty went wrong and what needs to be done so it is fixed? (Photos)

Needing some advice on the correct terms to use when referring to the problems with my first rhinoplasty. Obviously one nostril is higher than the... READ MORE

What do you recommend in terms of 'quick fixes' for swelling, post op? I have a wedding to attend in 11 days.

I just had my cast removed, after a septorhinoplasty with slight dorsal hump reduction, tip refined, nasal bones broken to straighten, and spreader... READ MORE

What procedure(s) do I need to fix my profile? (photo)

I am getting married next year and I get upset seeing photos of my profile so I want to alter it before my wedding. I am ok with how I look from the... READ MORE

I am planning to have a rhinoplasty 2 months before a wedding, is that enough recovery time? (Photo)

It is an open rhinoplasty which includes moving the nasal bones inward and reduction in tip. Is two months enough for a wedding plan . I am fit and... READ MORE

I drank too much alcohol and vomited. Will this have any effect on my nose? 20 days post op.

I had my cousins wedding The night didn't end well for me I didn't control my drinking and ended up vomiting about 5 times once I got home my stomach... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op: how can I get rid of the brown marks on my nose? I've used everything possible - arnica etc. (Photo)

Is this hemosidrin six weeks post rhonoplasty. Also pinched look at top of bridge and is bridge to high. Getting married in seven weeks thsnks READ MORE

Does injecting my nose bridge with fillers after 3 months of my rhinoplasty affect my nose in a bad way?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago and I want to make my nose a bit straighter using fillers, is 3 months after my surgery enough to do the injection??... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - what could I expect to see improve swelling wise between 4 weeks and 8 weeks?

I've had Rhinoplasty (2nd surgery) with 2 years in between, I had a rib graft inserted and also cartliage from behind my ear to rebuild the bride to... READ MORE

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