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What Are the Implications of Having Weak Nasal Cartilage in Rhinoplasty?

I realize that usually graphs have to be put in place. But what else does it mean? Can those graphs make the nose appear larger? Why do they say that... READ MORE

Is The Nose Weaker Post Rhinoplasty? I've Been Boxing.

Hi I broke my nose several times playing rugby in my younger days. I had a rhinoplasty to correct the problem after stopping playing. The procedure... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel extremely weak and tired 5 days post-op rhinoplasty?

I've mainly been in bed, and I force myself to eat and shower. A couple of days ago, my surgeon prescribed me antibiotics because I had a fever, and... READ MORE

Bad Rhinosplasty, Now Hanging Columella and Large Nostrils- Suggestions?

27 year old Navy Vet here who was "lucky" enough to get free rhinoplasty from the military for my "deviated septum." Now one side... READ MORE

Does nasal fracture and septum make the nose bigger and affect tissues and the tip to drop down?

After a multiple fractures can this affect the nose and tissues to be weaken and soften ? READ MORE

Would my Nose Become Permanently Weak After Undergoing an Osteotomy Procedure?

I am considering to go under the knife and a doctor suggested osteotomy procedure to narrow my nasal bone, but I am a basketball player and I am prone... READ MORE

Will Open Rhinoplasty Make Columella Weaker After a Year Than Before Surgery?

Because columella will be detached from its place,will it be weaker and more vurnerable if pulled than before surgery? Also can a really rond bulbous... READ MORE

Weak lower jaw and chin, and upper lip projection (with rhinoplasty): What can the surgeon do? (photos)

Hello, My chin and my lower jaw are weak.What can I do? Implants? I will undergo a rhinoplasty, my columella drops too low(when i smile). My upper... READ MORE

Why Does my Septum Feel Very Weak After Rhinoplasty?

If I pinch my septum between both my index fingers and move my septum left and right, it feels very weak. I remember before my nose job, it was much... READ MORE

How Weak Will my Nose Be Once Its Fully Recovered?

I am planning to get my nose done but I sometimes get into fights and I am usually in crowded places. I can be extra careful while its recovering but... READ MORE

Any suggestions for weak tip cartilage?

Several docs told me i have weak cartilidge and my tip doesn't have support. they suggested using a columella strut for it. however one doctor told me... READ MORE

Does harvesting cartilage from the septum weaken or destabilize the nose?

I have read that the septum provides support for the nose. Does this mean that taking cartilage out from the septum for the use of grafts in other... READ MORE

Does rhinoplasty make you more susceptible to injuries in the future? (I.e. Will your nasal area be weaker?)

I'm wondering if a nose that has undergone rhinoplasty is weaker than a "regular" nose. For example, should one avoid playing sports to avoid a... READ MORE

can anything be done to correct my collapsed nosril and weak alar cartilage from a previous septorhinoplasty.

Can anything be done to correct my collapsed nosril and weak alar cartilage from a previous septorhinoplasty. I find it really uncomfortable and have... READ MORE

Feeling a little jiggly after closed Rhinoplasty 7 days ago?

Not exercising is making my arms and legs feel like jello. When movements or stretches can be done to feel stronger and more fit without elevating my... READ MORE

What could I do to make my face more symmetrical and more masculine? (photos)

I love the right side of my face (the left side of the photo) , but my left side (right side in photo) is all out of whack and doesn't match at all .... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have "weak natural cartilages"? What is cartilage buckling & how can I avoid it in in my revision?

Indian patient, heavy skin. Injured after rev rhino last year so the left side of the nose/left side of the tip is more swollen & makes it "tilt".... READ MORE

Why am I feeling terrible pain 4 months post rhinoplasty and turbinectomy? (photos)

Ct scan PNS post operation attached.Areas of pain include ear,forehead,gums,throat. Pain is of pinching and nerve stretching cannot sleep or work... READ MORE

Is it possible to weaken/damage the cartilage inside your nose after a rhinoplasty by picking your nose 6 months out?

I am 1.5 years out from a functional rhinoplasty and I got into a bad habit of picking my nose after my rhinoplasty that started six months after the... READ MORE

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