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How Long After Rhinoplasty Can You Get Your Septum Pierced?

And can you? I'm getting it done in September and I want to get my septum pierced afterwards. Is it possible to have it done because I'm... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Worrying About Something Going Wrong After my Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty done about 2 months ago. I am so worried about hurting my result, or something going wrong. I think the reason I am... READ MORE

Will braces affect my nose job?

I just got my braces in. The dentist said that I'll be needing to use elastic rubber bands, because I have an overbite. My bottom teeth will go out... READ MORE

How do I know when my face is done growing?

I have heard many times that you should wait to get nose surgery (a septorhinoplasty in my case) until you are done growing. How do I know if I am... READ MORE

Can I Wait to Fix an Open Roof Deformity After Rhinoplasty?

I had surgery an year ago. When I feel the nose at the top where the surgeon slightly carved the hump down, I feel that I have an open roof deformity.... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Job when my Throat Feels a Little Bit Sore and Dry?

I have in a few days my nose job and i have already delayed it, and i can't delay i any further, my throat feels a little bit sore and dry can i still... READ MORE

Small Sides Bumps 3 Months After Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhino 3 months ago: removal of dorsal hump and tip work. From the profile my nose looks straight but from the 3/4 view you can see an... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Get Radiesse Injections on my Nose?

I underwent augmentation rhinoplasty with rib cartilage 3 weeks ago. How soon after can I get radiesse or restalyn filler injected into my nose for... READ MORE

Consultation + Surgery in 7 Days?

I am thinking about getting traveling to Seattle from Alaska to get a rhinoplasty. Would I be able to get a consultation and surgery in 1 week? If... READ MORE

2 Months After Rhinoplasty, the Tip Seems to Be Reforming As It Was Before; is This Possible? (photo)

I had a Rhinoplasty 2 months ago. The procedure including a nasal bump reduction and tip revision to make the end of my nose appear smaller. I was... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait Before Getting Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm a19 year old girl and REALLY insecure about my nose. It sticks 4cm out of my face and I have a small face! Most cites I've read say girls can get... READ MORE

SeptoRhinoPlaste and Steroids. (Please Answer Quickly)

In 1 month I'll be getting a SeptoRhinoPlaste, just a few days ago I found out I had iritus, I'm 15, The eye docter gave me like 3 different... READ MORE

When a tip graft is disfiguring and in thin skin why would waiting be better than removing it now? (photos)

I don't keloid. The graft was added to project nose in order to even out alar rim grafts. It was truly unnecessary and is very unflattering. I used to... READ MORE

Can I use filler to touch up nostrils after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've had a rhinoplasty, I'm mostly happy with my results but my nostrils are noticeably uneven. I intend to fix this with filler. I've been told to... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: 16 days post-op piggy nose. (Photos)

I got a rhinoplasty 16 days ago. I did not want any changes from the front just a small bump to be removed. Today my tip is way too high and... READ MORE

I had done my nose 2 months ago and I have a weird dent. What can I do about it? (photos)

I got a nose job 2 months ago as the swelling is going down my nose looks more crooked and deviated and i have a massive dent on my right side which... READ MORE

Still have a bump after rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty 17 days before. I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and small bones on the both sides of the nose. Bump is removed but i can... READ MORE

Will the asymmetry go away? I am really worried! (Photo)

I am 2 months and 1 week post up. I notice that one of my nostrils is higher than the other, and also the ending of my nose is slanted more to one... READ MORE

Should I have closed reduction surgery on my broken nose now or have open reduction surgery latter? Please help. (photo)

While building a shelter with students a branch fell and broke the bridge of my nose. Both the ER doctor and the ENT described this break as a... READ MORE

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