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Does Ear Cartilage Decrease in Volume (Almost Futile) over Time with Tip Plasty?

I had tip plasty recently and the change is so subtle. It did increase my tip but I was hoping it to be higher. I had it done just three weeks ago and... READ MORE

Malar Fat Died After Bad Nose Job - Help, Someone!!!

Help, someone. I had a revision Rhinoplasty 1 year ago and ever since the op, all the fat in my cheeks has disapeared. I believe this is my Malar fat.... READ MORE

What happen now to my nose!? Do I need a nose job (alar base procedure/wier excision) or cheek fillers?

All of sudden my nose spreads at least 2 inches when I smile. Im 36 years old and this started two years ago. How do I fix it since it was never an... READ MORE

My nose is anatomically that the sides would be prone to collapse if I had surgery to refine the tip. Any suggestions? (photo)

Is there no way of avoiding this problem? I do have a deviated septum which is clearly visible. I am 56 years old and since I have lost volume to my... READ MORE

Am I getting too much work done at such a young age?

I'm 22 and have aged my self so much due to a ridiculous amount of stress. I want to get rhinoplasty and fix my skin contour. Restylane under the eyes... READ MORE

Nose deprojection and blephoplasty implant? (photos)

I feel my face is unbalanced. My nose I feel is too pinched and projected and I feel my face looks tired with loss of volume. What are my options... READ MORE

Brow lift, nose implant, and chin implant?

Hello, I am 30 years old, half Filipino & half Irish. I recently had a consultation with a doctor here in LA for a brow lift & rhinoplasty. My goal is... READ MORE

Can the nose tip become droopy?

I started to notice that my nose tip has started to droop slightly. Is that possible and what are the treatments for this? I've lost some volume from... READ MORE

Morphed before and after. Are my expectations realistic? Which procedures can help me to achieve my desired profile? (Photo)

I am currently working to improve my texture and cheek piercing scar revision... and letting restalyne dissolve from my lips because I hate the result... READ MORE

My bizarre bulbous nose; is there anything that can address the asymmetry? (Photos)

During my adult years my nose has become really bulbous and uneven. Perhaps I'm noticing it now because of the loss of volume in the rest of my face?... READ MORE

I want to undergo rhinoplasty. What procedure would you recommend for my nose? What are the cost? (photos)

Hi, I am 26 year old, I live in bangalore, India, I am planning to undergo rhinoplasty,since my childhood my face was even & defined. From Past 5... READ MORE

Should I get a nose job or not?

I've included many photos in different lighting with and without glasses. Do I need rhinoplasty or should I wait until later in life after gravity... READ MORE

Loss of facial volume nose looks bigger, am I a suitable candidate for a rhinoplasty or a septoplasty? (photos)

Hi, I have always wanted to correct the tip of my nose. And since I've lost some facial volume my nose looks a bit bigger if that makes sense.. So the... READ MORE

Am I an ideal candidate for a chin augmentation, lip-lift, and tip rhinoplasty? (Photos)

My face has lost about 30 percent of its volume since I have turned 20, throwing all of my already awkward facial proportions off even more. I have... READ MORE

Stem cell grafts under nasal base/paranasal area a suitable alternative to implants? Would this widen the nose or give support?

I have a paranasal and under nose depression / volume loss after rhinoplasty. I have been recommended a mixture of paranasal implant FAMI and... READ MORE

As I matured, my face seems more elongated and thinner, and my nose appears bigger. (Photo)

I think the middle area would need some work. I am 34 and it seems the middle and lower area of my nose don't match my now thinner looking face.... READ MORE

What procedures can I get before my maxillofacial?

I have all my doctors lined up after a lot of research. I want to do multiple procedures and I'm going to list them in order in which is priority to... READ MORE

Is there any minor surgery I could get to reduce my alar base? (Photos)

I have an L shaped nose, think Lois Griffin from Family guy. The nostrils are not so much wide as they are long. I wanted to ask if there is any minor... READ MORE

Can my nose tip get looser after a few months of Rhinoplasty?

I got my nose done in December, and it was looking good until last week when i noticed that my right nostril got "looser". The nostril doesnt look the... READ MORE

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