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What is the Best Way to Make my Nose Stronger and Fix Low Radix?

I have a low radix and nose that is quite small and isn't very symmetrical with the rest of the face. I need to increase volume of nose to make it... READ MORE

Loss of Facial Contours After Rhinoplasty

I Am 30, Heavy Smoker, 51 Days After my Rhinoplasty, the Facial Contours Have Nosedived :), What Exactly is This Due to? READ MORE

Can one get Lipo on their nose? (photos)

My nose just seems to have fat on each side of it. I'm ok with the shape of my nose, not the size or volume. When I pull down with index fingers on... READ MORE

Is it possible to increase size and volume of my nose and make it more projected? (Photo)

My face is long and my skull is large in general. My nose, however, for some reason is very small. Part of the problem is recessed maxilla due to... READ MORE

Will the cartilage spreader graft used during Rhinoplasty will absorb in time or will be stable?

11 months ago I had a septoplasty to correct my deviated septum; during the surgery, performed by an ENT/ plastic surgeon doctor, the doctor placed a... READ MORE

Number of rhinoplasties/year versus attractive and unique results. Should I go with best before/afters, or largest volume?

After browsing many before/afters from many doctors, I am still confused. I've seen galleries from surgeons who do 100+ cases/year whose photos do not... READ MORE

Looking for the most experience surgeon on facial fat grafting, neck lipo, & Rhinoplasty to rejuvenate a 48 yr old male? (photo)

Some surgeons recommend a face lift. Others recommend neck liposuction with facial fat grafting. What's best for me? Prefer neck lipo. Facial fat... READ MORE

Is revision rhinoplasty worth a go cause I want more volume on the tip. Or should I just use fillers to avoid risks? (photo)

Had my rhinoplasty 4 months ago for tip augmentation cos I had a droopy nose. But to my surprise, my plastic surgeon suggested a hump reduction & that... READ MORE

Face seems to be very asymmetric one cheek has more volume then the other and my nose is off centre? (Photos)

The main body of my nose seems to be pushed over to one side and the cartilage is more built up on one side aswell would it be possible to make it... READ MORE

Ethnic revision rhinoplasty to augument a small nose. (Photos)

I had rhinoplasty done 6yrs ago , and now have no social life & can't work as I can't bare to leave the house. The sides of my nose has collapsed... READ MORE

Professional opinion at a glance: rhinoplasty and/or chin? (Photo)

I've wanted a rhinoplasty for a while. I'm not sure if it was from an injury, but there is an odd amount of mass on the left side. Does my nose seem... READ MORE

Do you think adding spreader crafts to middle of the nose is enough to restore the nose looks? What can be done? (Photos)

Any recommendations for very talented surgeon who can restore nose without making it look done? I do not need any changes to outer skin, but need... READ MORE

Looking for a specific type of Nose Job, not sure if it's even possible? Want a softer, round, button style nose. (photos)

I would like some fat/volume added to my nose. My nostrils/nostril openings are very long, and I feel as though when looking face-to-face my nostrils... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my nose a bit more voluminous on the sides, so that I can wear glasses without feeling pain? (Photo)

My nose is very thin and it can't bear the weight of any sort of glasses, that I am forced to wear all day. I can't have contacts and I can't have the... READ MORE

How do I achieve better facial balance? (Photo)

Do I need facial volume? underwent rhino/ chin implant one year ago. I feel my nose tip could be a little more refined and the bridge a little... READ MORE

What is best option for repair of lower lid blepharoplasty that removed too much fat?

I need to replace the volume beneath my eyes, which is deflated and hollow. I don't know the risks of fat transfer and am concerned about further... READ MORE

Is thick nose skin more "volumized"/ bigger/ with more mm than thin skin?

Imagine for ex: on the left, a person with thick nose skin; on the right, a person with thin nose skin... the cartilage and bone size are equal, just... READ MORE

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