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Will Rhinoplasty Affect my Voice?

Does rhinoplasty change the voice? The job is going to work inside the nose. It is very importance for me because I'm a vocalist and it is very... READ MORE

Could Septorhinoplasty Fix my Hyponasal Voice?

Hello, my names Luke and in a couple of weeks I am receiving Septorhinoplasty. This is my first surgery ever and am fairly excited for the results.... READ MORE

Trouble Breathing and Nasal Voice After Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal?

I had rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago and I'm realizing that my voice is very nasal now. I also feel that I have to strain my voice to speak loudly.... READ MORE

How much does breaking your nose affect your voice?

I broke my nose three or four months ago. Initially, I was more worried about a concussion and not my nose at the time, I never thought I had broke it... READ MORE

How Safe and Beneficial is Nose Reshaping Surgically? (photo)

I really think that my large nose spoils my facial appearance.Really want it to be corrected.I am a 24 yr old female. No one in my family is... READ MORE

Nasal Voice After Nasal Surgery for Wart Removal?

I had nasal surgery for a nasal wart removal i am a singer and notice my voice is nasl at times and it is harder (but seems to improving?) isall part... READ MORE

I Lost Almost Lost my Voice After my Nose Surgery?

I lost almost lost my voice after my nose surgery, 1st day there was a pain but i was able to speak so i kept on speaking but pain has increased in... READ MORE

If I were to get rhinoplasty to fix my bulbous tip, would this surgery affect the sound of my voice? (Photo)

I am a singer and I've always hated the tip of my nose. I don't leave the house without contouring it, that's how insecure I am of it. Even in my... READ MORE

My voice has a nasal sound. Which treatment is best for me? (Rhinoplasty)

I want to get rid of my nasal voice. i am in 3rd yr. now . please suggest me some specific medical treatment and medical location where i can get my... READ MORE

Perhaps this is a silly question, but will rhinoplasty change my voice? (Photo)

No bragging here but I do sing well and I use my voice for work (radio reporter) and I was wondering if it would change if I have work done. I have a... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty help correct the tone of my voice?

I am wanting to do Rhinoplasty for my nose to correct my tone( voice) at low volume. Does it require to move outward the nasal arch. Does it require... READ MORE

Will rhinoplasty/septoplasty affect my voice?

Hi I am looking into rhinoplasty. I have a slight deviation and makes one airway a little blocked. I also have a very nasally voice. Will getting... READ MORE

I'm a singer. Will a nose job change my voice? (photos)

Hello,  I don't want ,my nose changed too much but will it change my voice if I'm choosing singing as a profession? so I'm highly... READ MORE

Will having rhinoplasty have any affect on my voice? (Photos)

Resonance is acceptable but I would hate to add any nasally tone or change my tone at all. I am wanting to have my nose dramatically decreased in size... READ MORE

Have had septorhinoplasty. Nasal voice? (Photo)

Have had septorhinoplasy. Nasal voice ? Has been 7 months - had nasal voice before and still have it now. Doctor mentioned something to do with the... READ MORE

Yelling one month PO, will it have any adverse outcomes?

I am a teacher and by the time I go head back to work I will be exactly one month post op. And of course due to the nature of my career there are... READ MORE

Could I Get a Nosejob with my Type of Nose?

Hi, i've always been insecure about my nose, i think it's very long, and that the tip is too big, i also hate the bump on my nose.. could i get my... READ MORE

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