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Is a Spreader Graft Necessary to Fix Nasal Valve Collapse?

I had a previous rhinoplasty where a dorsal hump was removed leaving me with a collapsed internal nasal valve. The doctor said he would use a closed... READ MORE

Can a Moderate to Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Chronic Sinus Infections?

Just wondering if a moderate to severe nasal valve collapse can cause chronic infections, as i've been told i have an external nasal vavle... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op, Could I Have Nasal Valve Collapse? (photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty 7 weeks ago, having a closed procedure performed to have a hump removed from my bridge. After the procedure I realized that my... READ MORE

Middle Vault Collapse, and Nasal Valve Collapse

After an open rhinoplasty and septoplasty, if middle vault collapse or nasal valve collapse is going to happen, how soon will it happen? Are you ever... READ MORE

What Does It Mean To Hear My "Valve Has Collapsed" 4 Months Post Op?

I Underwent a Rhinoplasty on July 18th and Have Been Very Pleased with the Result in general. However, a month or so ago I noticed a small circular... READ MORE

Can a Nasal Valve Collapse Be a Temporary Problem or Go Back to Normal on Its Own?

When laying down my nose completely closed waking me up often, I never had a problem breathing while upright/daytime. Had turbinate reduction surgery... READ MORE

Cocaine nose damage. Do I need nose surgery?

I've got into coc for over 2years, just weekends. I stopped cuz my nose started to look skinnier around valve area. It's been over2months now,but... READ MORE

Osteotomies and Valve Area

My breathing is just normal now. By applying lateral osteotomy the base of the nasal pyramid can be narrowed. I'm concerned that initiating at the... READ MORE

What is the difference between the internal and external nasal valves?

It seems the terms internal and external valve are often used differently by different surgeons, some will describe the external valve as the outer... READ MORE

Is There Any Issues with Any Particular Type of Cartilage Used for Structural Rhinoplasty for Nasal Valve Collapse?

I have nasal valve collapse of the left nostril. I saw a plastic surgeon and structural rhinoplasty was recommended to correct my left nasal valve... READ MORE

I have a scar web at the internal valve of my nose. I read online that often a skin graft is needed, is it true? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty at 1 year and I have this scar band in my internal valve region, however it's a little bit smaller than the one in the picture.... READ MORE

Middle valve collapse aka v-deformity (photo)

Was my v- deformity caused by my dorsal septum that has become detached from the nasal bones in what is know as the keystone area? I'm 6 months since ... READ MORE

Nasal valve and persistent depressed fracture. Will collapse get worse as swelling subsides?

I was not looking to get a rhinoplasty, but when I broke my nose, the on call ENT said I also had a deviated septum and we should operate 5 days later... READ MORE

Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a repair for a deviated septum, fractured nasal bone and incompetence of nasal valve 10 days ago. My healing has been going well, but in the... READ MORE

I have Nasal Valve Stenosis on my left side, Is this correctable?

I have been wearing breathe rite strip ..told I have Nasal narrowing on left side this correctable with a graph and w it make my nose bigger if... READ MORE

Inverted V deformity 10 weeks post primary rhinoplasty. (photos)

Had my primary rhinoplasty 10 weeks ago and I am unhappy. This was done: rhinoplasty, septoplasty, turbanite reduction and nasal valve repair.... READ MORE

Primary rhinoplasty over a year ago now. Nose is significantly worse post op. What can be done to improve this? (photo)

My nose is significantly worse now than before. It is wider, fatter, more crooked, tip is tiwsted and columella is pointy. I also have a pollybeak... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty, what are the methods for opening the nasal valve & straightening the nose without making it unattractive?(Photo)

Nasal valve collapse after the removal of many grafts (lateral crural struts, alar batten, & columella strut) & ear onlay grafts. Septum deviated.... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Concavity/Pinched tip. What is the best approach to fix these issues? (Photo)

Unfortunately, as a result of my first and only rhinoplasty my doctor was unable to maintain a natural appearance or proper functionality. I now have... READ MORE

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