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When I Was 16 I Broke my Nose but Became Really Deformed, Can I Get Surgery to Fix It?

When i was 16 i was punched in the nose, by after the swellings came down my nose was deformed. The side of my nose is now bent and the bridge of my... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Alar Base Nose Reduction in England?

I have a wide african nose i hate it and i was just wondering the cost? READ MORE

Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK?

This is my health and will be the biggest decision I will ever make, so I would rather pay extra, travel further and wait long time to get the best... READ MORE

How Do I Find out Who Are Considered the Very Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the Uk?

I want to correct a bump on the bridge and make the tip of the nose more defined. In the past I have had septoplasty to improve the breathing which... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Job at 14 or 15 if It Effects My Mental Health?

I live in the UK. I am 14 at the moment. My mum went to the doctor and asked what age you can have them in the UK they said 16. The doctor said she... READ MORE

Is Having Rhinoplasty in the United Kingdom a Bad Idea?

HI everyone, I can only see the negatives of having rhinoplasty in the U.K. It has come to my attention that most plastic surgeons in the U.K. don't... READ MORE

How much does dorsal hump shaving cost? (£) (Photo)

On the 30th August I broke my nose which caused the bridge to deviate to the left. On the 7th September I had my nose reset back into place. A few... READ MORE

Nose Job in UK - Bulbous end, nostrils that hang down and projection when I smile. (Photo)

Want the nose to fit my face still (not bothered about a tiny nose) just want it to look more feminine. Looking for Rhinoplasty in the UK this year.... READ MORE

I'm looking for a good doctor in England (Photo)

Im looking for a good doctor in England to do my nose so could you please help me .. I hate my nose READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty 6 months post op, nose worse than before. Seeking advice. (Photo)

I had Septorhinoplasty 6 months ago on the NHS (uk), my nose now looks a lot worse than before, its still slightly deviated and one side of the nasal... READ MORE

Who would you highly recommend in the UK for primary rhinoplasty?

I am based in Essex but I am willing to travel far if needed to see the best surgeon available. Price isn't an issue, I just want a very reputable... READ MORE

What's the best way to find a rhinoplasty surgeon?

I live in the UK and I am thinking about getting a nose job. Would it be best to look for a surgeon myself online or should I go to my gp to refer me... READ MORE

I'm praying a UK Doctor (preferably based in Manchester) can help me with lump in my nose. (Photo)

I have a lump in my left nostril which is causing me a lot of distress both physically (it is now so big i cant breath, ive stopped eating because i... READ MORE

Can my vision be fixed by rhinoplasty?

My nose has always caused issues with my vision, particularly I see a double image of my nose, sort of like a blurry outline of my nose in the vision.... READ MORE

I'm new to this and planning to get rhinoplasty in the future. Can anyone please recommend good doctors in London?

I'm new to this and planning to get rhinoplasty in the future, can anyone please recommend good doctors in London? READ MORE

Who is the best nose surgeon in UK? Who would you recommend and are any of you from UK?

Is UK a good place to get surgery? i'm thinking of having a surgery in UK, who and where would I get the best results from which doctor? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Birmingham, UK?

Can anyone recommend a rhinoplasty surgeon in Birmingham or the West Midlands? I would prefer someone local, in case I have difficulties later. Also,... READ MORE

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