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What Kind of Stitches Are Used in Rhinoplasty?

Do they dissolve or are they taken out? Do I have a choice? My friend had rhinoplasty last month and she had 16 stitches. She said getting the... READ MORE

Which Material Makes the Best Implant for Nose Job?

I have decided to go to seoul for my nose job, as i will have the option of using Silicone, Gore-text or Sili-text as the nasal dorsal implant in the... READ MORE

Different Splints Used in Nasal Packing?

I had open septo-rhino on Mon, and the packing/splints removed Tues. I looked up there today (had felt it the rest of the week), and noticed there is... READ MORE

Cartilage Behind Ear Vs. Inside Ear?

I am going to have a revision in the next month and I saw 3 surgeons. I need to have cartilage added to the side of my nose from the supratip all the... READ MORE

Confused About Which Type of Rhinoplasty

I'm 22 and really considering having a nose job, but a plastic surgeon told me that my tip needed correction and that it would be easier to do an... READ MORE

What Are the Varieties of Nasal Implants?

I had rhinoplasty one month ago and my doctor put an implant in my nose without my permission. Now the tip of nose is very up and wider than it's... READ MORE

What type of nose do I have? (Photo)

Im jewish, usually we have a semetic noses(hooked, long and etc.) I was always wondering what type of nose do I have? I looked on internet but didn't... READ MORE

What Are the Best Implants for Nose? (photo)

I have read a lot about the different types of implants including silicone, medpor, gortex, human cartilage. What is the best that can be used for... READ MORE

What kind of rhinoplasty would I need? Tip or full? (Photo)

My main concerns are in the tip, my profile bothers me a bit, mainly because of the tip and slight hump. The tip of my nose seems to have a slight... READ MORE

What is an Engineered Rib? Is It Safe? How Long Will It Last?

A doctor gave me a choice to choose between a enginnered rib or my own rib cartilage to augment my nose. My nose is short and my skin is thick... READ MORE

Hi! I have an undefined bridge and a very large and bulbous tip. What type of Rhinoplasty would be best for me?

Since I was a little girl, I've always felt insecure about my nose. I am an aspiring artist and my nose always looks so huge in photos and videos. I... READ MORE

Which Rhinoplasty Procedure Do You Recommend? (photo)

I dislike my nose. I personally feel that it is too bulbous at the tip and that my nostrils feel high and flared. I'm considering rhinoplasty but I am... READ MORE

Closed Rhino to Derotate Tip?

So my PS has a greed to do a revision to derotate my tip at 6 months post op. he plans on derotating the tip by removing the permanent sutures (and... READ MORE

Alarplasty type of incisions? (photo)

Hi :) I want an alarplasty but I am confused about what the type of incision I want is called. I have seen alarplasty used for a few different... READ MORE

What type of surgery would I need for my type of nose? (photos)

What type of surgery would I need for my type of nose. anesthesia kind of scares me and I don't know if there is options to get a nose job done... READ MORE

Implants for Nose?

I have been reading mixed reviews on both. Which is better.. a medpor implant or silicone implant?? For my nose cartilage is not an option. READ MORE

What type of nose would suit me best? (Photo)

I would like to change the shape of my nose as i think it doesn't suit my face. I would appreciate your feedback on my enquiry. READ MORE

What type of Rhinoplasty would I benefit from? I dislike my nostrils and how my nose looks like an arrow when I smile. (photos)

I see the most common rhinoplasty procedures are tip refinement and removing bumps or crooked bridges.I don't see many before pictures like my nose,... READ MORE

How do I know which type of Rhinoplasty (closed/open) would be best for me and my wants/needs?

I've had 5 sinus surgeries in my lifetime to remove cavernous hemangioma in my left max. sinus. The 5 surgeries left my nose slightly crooked. I have... READ MORE

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