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Asymmetrical Swelling or Bad Rhinoplasty?

I just had a rhinoplasty with septoplasty and turbinate reduction on June 21st. Now, it is 3 weeks later, and my nose looks REALLY crooked. The tip... READ MORE

Loss of Smell After Rhinoplasty?

I was wondering, is there a loss of smell after Rhinoplasty? If so, for how long? Also, can a turbinate be caused by surgery? READ MORE

Should I Have my Inferior Turbinates - Bilateral Reduced?

My rhinoplasty surgeon is going to charge $2800 extra to reduce the inferior turbinates to help with breathing. I am already getting him to fix my... READ MORE

Can an ENT Surgeon Do Rhinoplasty and Turbinate Reduction in One Surgery?

I'm going for an operation to remove turbinates and I asked for a cosmetic redefintion through Rhinoplasty of my nose at the same time. Can my ENT... READ MORE

Swollen Cheeks 38 Days After Rhinoplasty (w/Osteotomy, Turbinate Reduction and Septoplasty)

My face (not just nose) is still swollen 38 days after rhinoplasty. I haven't heard of this happening so long after surgery, though I did swell a... READ MORE

Tingling on Nose Tip 6 Months Post-op Rhinoplasty / Turbinoplasty

Rhinoplasty & Turbinoplasty6mnths Ago Now Tingling on End Nose, Getting Worse? READ MORE

Can Outfracture / Lateralization of Turbinates Be Reversed?

I had my turbinates outfractured and or lateralized. I think this is giving me tooo much airflow. Is it possible to put them back where they were or... READ MORE

Can a Nasal Valve Collapse Be a Temporary Problem or Go Back to Normal on Its Own?

When laying down my nose completely closed waking me up often, I never had a problem breathing while upright/daytime. Had turbinate reduction surgery... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Fix Enlarged Turbinates and Seasonal Allergies?

If I Have Enlarged Turbinates and Suffer from Seasonal Allergies, Would Rhinoplasty Be a Way to Fix Both of These Problems? READ MORE

Can Turbinates Be Swollen One Year Post-rhinoplasty?

My daughter had her rhinplasty last August to correct a deviated septum and for cosmetic reasons. Her turbinates are still swollen, she still... READ MORE

Can a Deviated Septum Be Linked to Enlarged Turbinates Which then Make the Nose Look Swollen?

Can enlarged turbinates be caused by a deviated septum? Do enlarged turbinates make the nose look swollen? Will a septoplasty or turbinoplasty make... READ MORE

Worried about"empty nose syndrome". How much of the turbinate is normally removed during surgery and how much is too much?

I have had 4 nasal surgeries, and 3 in office radiofrequency coblation procedures. I ended up having nasal valve collapse, and then had that revised 3... READ MORE

Turbinate Pain Post-Rhinoplasty

I get severe throbbing pain inside left nostril (similar to tooth ache)when I'm out in the cold weather ever since my last nose surgery. The... READ MORE

Swelling: Scar Tissue or Deformity?

Hi there, 13 days after a septorhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum/enlarged turbinate plus tip reduction, osteotomy, upper bridge shaved down and... READ MORE

Treatment for Enlarged Turbinate After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I think I have developed an enlarged turbinate inside my left nostril. I noticed it right after the interior splints... READ MORE

Swollen Turbinate Following Rhinoplasty. How Long Does This Last?

Four weeks on from my rhinolasty, I am still unable to breathe through the left side of my nose and I suspect that this is due to a swollen inferior... READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment to Regenerate Inferior Turbinate?

I had gone through surgery of turbinate reduction .During surgery my doctor removed inferior turbinate .Now I have been suffering from nose crusting... READ MORE

Recommendation for Rhinoplasty Specialist in Michigan (Or Midwest Area)?

Thanks for your help. I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in Michigan who specializes in rhino. I have researched the Amer. Board of Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

What is the difference between osteotomies and infracture/outfracture of turbinates for nasal surgery?

Are both procedures fracturing the ascending process of maxilla bones? Are the terms turbinate refracturing and turbinectomy used interchangeably?... READ MORE

Breathing After Septo-Rhinoplasty/Turbinate Reduction + Steroid Use

I am 1.25 weeks p/o septorhinoplasty and turbinate reduction (microdebrider) -I chose to have one turbinate reduced due to 'compensatory... READ MORE

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