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Tongue-In-Groove Vs. Cartilaginous Columellar Strut?

Why would you use Tongue-in-Groove vs. Columellar Strut? What is the difference, what outcome, and which technique is better? When and why would you... READ MORE

Tongue and Groove Technique for Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a primary where the tongue and groove technique was used. This left me with a retracted columella, a flat infra-tip lobule, and the curve... READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Columellar Setback (Tongue-in-groove Technique)?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 2 months ago. The surgeon did a columellar setback using the tongue-in-groove technique. He said he stitched the... READ MORE

Will a Tongue-in-groove Maneuver Fix That my Nose Appears Crooked?

After two surgeries last one over a year ago I have a hanging columella my right nostril hangs lower than the Left and i think thats what makes my... READ MORE

Can the tongue-in-groove technique rotate and define the tip? (Photo)

My nasal tip is misshaped and relatively large. This issue has not been solved in my history of rhinoplasties rather it has been exacerbated due to... READ MORE

What Type of Procedure is a Tongue-in-groove Maneuver?

What type of procedure is a tongue-in-groove maneuver? Can be in done in the doctors office or it has to be in the hospital? How long does it take?... READ MORE

If my doctor used the "tongue-in-Groove" technique without using any grafts, will my tip drop slightly after swelling?

I am really hoping the tip drops a bit because he triggered a Alar retraction in both my nostrils :( and I would like it to be less noticeable. he... READ MORE

When is a columellar setback/tongue in groove necessary?

I have a short bridge, & a flat, droopy middle and lower nose with no projection & a twisting. I feel I need tip support but would also like to make... READ MORE

Can a tongue & groove and deprojection be reversed if dissolvable sutures were used? I'm 5 months PO septo/rhinoplasty.

My surgeon mistook my columella for a droopy tip. I told him I liked my columella and to not lift me tip but he forgot. He did cephalic trim, put... READ MORE

Can my surgeon reverse the tongue in groove?

I had a closed rhinoplasty in December 2015.The tip was lifted and the slight dorsal hump rasped.The tongue in groove procedure was used to straighten... READ MORE

Can a tongue in groove (closed rhino/septo) be reversed? Dissolvable sutures were used. 6mm of caudal septum was preserved.

My surgeon retracted my columella by mistake. He says he can detach the medial Crua from the septum and lower it to bring back my columella. He says... READ MORE

Are transom and interdome suture tongue in groove reversible?

I am very unhappy with my rhinoplasty result which I had 3 months ago! My PS basically botched me n took a lot of my nose so now I am dealing with... READ MORE

Will I face swelling after the tongue and groove's technique?

I've had a rhinoplasty 1 and a half year ago , my columella is now hanging so my dr said that he will use this tech . I just want to know if my nose... READ MORE

Droopy nose - which method is the best?

My nose tends to droop when talking. I´ve heard that a resection of the "depressor septi nasi muscle" can solve the problem. But the doctor who I ... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Tongue-in-groove reversal, possible?

Though I had no hanging collumella/droopy tip, the tongue-in-groove technique was used in my rhinoplasty. The tip of my nose now only moves left and... READ MORE

Experiencing extreme discomfort 6 months after sept/rhinoplasty. Is this normal please?

I had a closed procedure. I agreed to my deviation repaired, bulbous tip reduces and alar base narrowing. I told my PS to leave my tip, infratip... READ MORE

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