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Ball of Crusty Tissue Removed After Rhinoplasty

Had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. day after surgery there was a ball like crusty tissue attached in left nostril. yesterday doc did painful and... READ MORE

Why can't I breathe through nose after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, and while I'm aware it's early, I would like to know when I should be able to breathe at least a little bit? If I... READ MORE

What Paranasal Filler Options Do I Have, Such as Bone and Tissue, other than an Implant?

I have some obvious sinking in the paranasal area due to bone loss and perhaps tissue loss too. I wish to avoid implants and wondered whether bone... READ MORE

Nose Irregularities After Rhinoplasty

I had my first goretex rhinoplasty. My first week after the splint was removed, i noticed that the left side of the nose has is hollow, meaning there... READ MORE

Nasal Implant Vs Using Our Own Tissue to Build Up the Nose?

What is the difference between having a nasal implant placed and using our own tissue for nose augmentation in terms of cost , result , time for... READ MORE

Have I damaged my nose cartilage or tissue? Is this permanent? (photos)

I read that pressure makes your nose smaller (stupid I know now) so I started pushing my tip in wards, for a short time it seemed smaller so I... READ MORE

Injuries Leading to Tissue Damage Causing my Nose to Widen, Can It Be Fixed and Look Natural?

I am a competitive cheerleader and have had many girls fall onto my face out of the air and competition.practice. Always getting it checked doctors... READ MORE

Long term effects of rhinoplasty?

I've been reading about how patients who had rhinoplasty done 10 or 20 years ago can later suffer "shrinkage" of the surrounding tissues, which... READ MORE

The Tissue Connected to the Septum on the Inside of the Nose is Uneven. Can a Filler Equalise This? (photo)

It is affecting my work as I work in the movie industry. It Does Show Up in Pictures. READ MORE

Thinning nose with small nostrils? (photos)

My nose width is disproportionate to my face. It looks rather ethnic but I am not of ethnic descent. I've been considering altering the alae of my... READ MORE

Is Procerus muscle and soft tissue removal apart of radix reduction process? (Photo)

I've seen a few doctors mention procures muscle and soft tissue removal in the radix area and I'm curious as to what that is? When I touch my nose I... READ MORE

I feel my nose tissues have been gathered in the tip. I am afraid that this is not swelling. Will it get smaller or not? (Photo)

10 days post-op and i feel that the tissues of the nose have been gathered in the tip and when I touch it is really harsh and I think it have affected... READ MORE

Do Spreader Grafts Like the Tissue or Cartlidge Itself Swell?

Spreader grafts after rhinoplasty seem huge up my nose do they shrink down over time or am I going to have them getting in the way I can barely... READ MORE

1 year post nosejob.. skin tissue? deformity? uneven? (photos)

Dear doctors, I'm having these difficulties: 1) Skin tag/tissue at the left nostril pulling at my nose tip 2) Uneven looks of my nose, from the left... READ MORE

What is your opinion on artificial implants vs own tissue?

What is your opinion on artificial implants? I heard that many surgeons avoid them because of the risk of infection as well as the fact that they can... READ MORE

Will the small ball of scar tissue on side of columella go away?

Im really worried i had my rhinoplasty done 3 weeks ago and since developed a small ball of tissue on the side of my columella will this go away or... READ MORE

I don't like my bulbous tip. Is it possible to get a great result just by having tissue removed?

I just had chin liposuction two days ago but I have ALWAYS hated my nose. I want to get my bulbous tip corrected ( too fat) but I really don't want... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty scar tissue? How do I massage it?

I had surgery in August. 6 months later I have scar tissue inside my nose and under the bridge, the bridge tissue has caused a lump. My doc... READ MORE

White pointed tissue on the inside of outer wall of nose. Can it be a cyst or the graft? 6 weeks after SRP (Photo)

My plastic surgeon cannot see deep inside my nose,he doesn't have instrumentsI ,i only see it because I take time to clean it,he doesn't. is it... READ MORE

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