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How long is a typical recovery from a septoplasty, reduction and rhinoplasty procedure? How long would I have to be out of work?

Also, I realize that nothing guaranteed, but is there a good chance that breathing will improve dramatically? READ MORE

Full Recovery Time from Closed Rhinoplasty

I am wondering how long a closed rhino patient typically takes to be considered fully recovered. To the extent that all activity can be resumed with... READ MORE

Swelling After Rhinoplasty; Does it Really Take Up to a Year For Full Recovery?

Hi all, I've seen lots of comments saying that nasal swelling takes up to a year to subside after rhinoplasty surgery. That is really discouraging... READ MORE

Is it possible to return to work 3 days after rhinoplasty?

I am only able to take the day of surgery and 3 days after off, not the suggested 1 to 2 weeks. Is it possible to work? I am a personal trainer so I... READ MORE

Skincare Routine After Before and After Rhino? Is 1 Week Enough Time Off Work?

Hi to all & thanks in advance for input! I plan to go in for a surgery in few months (still "shopping" around for the right doctor) & have a... READ MORE

I'm a Dancer. How Long Should I Wait to Go Back to Work After Rhinoplasty?

Considering that I be careful to not have it come into contact with anything? I don't do pole dancing, so I wouldn't have to worry about any... READ MORE

Can't Do Rhinoplasty if I Have Work Everyday?

Can't do rhinoplasty if I have work everyday since the nose will swell for a long time? READ MORE

Will 8 days be enough time to recover after a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation? (Photo)

I only have 8 days off work starting on : November 3, 2014, and am planning to have the rhinoplasty and chin implant done during my vacation will it... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Septorhinoplasty Recovery for a 15 Year Old?

Hi, in a month I'm getting a SeptoRhinoPlasty, I still have a few unanswered questions. such as, 1, how long will I have to miss school? How long... READ MORE

A New Nose and a Different Looking Face! So when to Return to Work?

Hi, can you please let me know how long until I can go out with my friends & clients because at this stage I am one week post op and are due to... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Have Injections to Bring the Swelling Down 6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty?

I'm 6 weeks after rhinoplasty and the swelling of my nose is still very prominent. I'm a model and I can't spend much more time waiting... READ MORE

Will going back to work 9 days after my rhino negatively effect me in terms of swelling and risk?

I just got my rhino a week ago today and I get the cast off today! My restaurant called me to see if I can waitress a busy night this coming Saturday... READ MORE

After rhino/septo/balloon sinuplasty, when can I wear glasses again? Will it be bad if I sneeze? When can I go back to work?

Having all 3 done June 3rd! 1. How long post op until I should wear my glasses again? I have contacts but rarely wear them due to discomfort. Could I... READ MORE

Bruising after Rhinoplasty: I bruise very easily, will 10 days off work be enough?

I have my rhinoplasty scheduled for Aug 22. I am very excited, but I am worried as well. I have a tendency to bruise very easily. For example, when i... READ MORE

How long is the recovery of a nose job before you are able to go back to work?

I am a male transitioning towards a new exciting adventure of womanhood. I realize it is necessary to undertake a number of measures.One of the first... READ MORE

I am cabin crew I have broken my nose . I cannot take sick leave, what do you suggest I do?

I'm temporary cabin crew who has had my nose broken on a Tuesday morning , I'm on days off and due back to work on Thursday for 5 days . I'm on a temp... READ MORE

My nose is crooked causing it to go to the right. Can be easily fixed with rhinoplasty? If so, how long is the recovery? (Photo)

I'm 27, I'm an athlete and a very healthy eater, so I heal quickly. I work with the public and I can't take a significant amount of time off work.... READ MORE

What type of bandages/splint is used after closed tip plasty and when can I go back to work?

Im planning to have a closed tip plasty ( add lenghth to my tip) and would like to know when can I go back to work without any bandegs or cast? Is 3... READ MORE

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