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How to Tighten Nasal Skin After Rhinoplasty?

I had a really large hump removed from my nose, and the skin around my nose is no longer as tight as it used to be. What can I do to tighten it? My... READ MORE

Can you tighten skin on the nose?

I really hate my nose, it has a hanging tip and droops when i smile. I also have a dorsal hump. I'm considering tip rhinoplasty (by the way, I've... READ MORE

3 wks postop, can I use Nasal Bone Remodeling Slimming Shaping Needle Cream 2 reduce swelling & tighten skin around nose?(photo)

Nasal Bone Remodeling Essence Nose Rise Heighten Slimming Shaping Needle Cream by 2N claims to burn fat & tighten the skin around nose when you... READ MORE

Very Unusual Alar Base Question/Dilemma. Who Can Figure This Out? (photo)

My problem? Love my nose. But, only love it when I tense up the muscles near it! This has the effect of making it look thinner/more defined.--When... READ MORE

I feel a tight pressure on my nose after Rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

Hi, its been 11 days since my rhinoplasty and septoplasty operation, I feel a like my right nostril is tightening. is this normal? READ MORE

Laser Skin Tightening Post Rhinoplasty?

I had a primary rhinoplasty 10 years ago (East Indian nose, medium-thick skin). The underlying cartilage framework was probably made slightly smaller.... READ MORE

Accidentally pulled stitches tighter?

I had rhinoplasty on February 6th and have had an uneventful, normal recovery. Tonight, I was pulling at what I thought was a loose scab but was... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty tighten nasal skin? Are there any non-surgical ways to give my nose more definition on the nostrils?

I'm considering rhinoplasty to give my nose more definition on the nostrils and a smoother slope. are there other options even if short term but that... READ MORE

Nose deprojection and blephoplasty implant? (photos)

I feel my face is unbalanced. My nose I feel is too pinched and projected and I feel my face looks tired with loss of volume. What are my options... READ MORE

After viewing my pics, what would you plan on doing to the dorsum and tip? (photos)

Would you rasp the bone, osteotomies, cartliage in the tip etc? My concern is not to loose the masculine dorsum while tightening the tip to a sharper... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel nose tightening after Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I've recently went through a rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty operation. I feel like there is tight feeling in my nose. Is this normal? READ MORE

Want to tighten the bridge of my nose. Any suggestions?

I hate to laugh openly due to my nose!! I get wider and wider as i smile or laugh! I hate my face in that becomes stricher and broad .My nose... READ MORE

Is my tip still swollen? What are my options to make my tip smaller? The dr said there is nothing else he can do. (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty on 12/15/15. Requested hump shaved down and smaller tip. I asked dr today why my tip looked larger than before surgery. He said... READ MORE

It's been 13 months since my rhinoplasty and septoplasty operation. Is this pain normal?

I feel pain on the bone of my nose and pressure and tightening and hard. is this normal? READ MORE

Straining after Rhinoplasty and scar tissue. Any suggestions?

Hi doctors, On day 7 and day 8 I did some work around the house for about 10 minutes that involved some straining both times. In both instances I did... READ MORE

Swelling and pain on tip and upper lip 19 months after rhinoplasty and septoplasty? Why do I feel this way?

19 months ago I had a rhinoplasty and Septoplasty. I had severe swelling and tightening for the first couple months and I continue to feel swollen... READ MORE

Can I get rid of oily skin for good? I'm 17. How can you make skin tighter so your bone structure is more prominent? (Photo)

An how can i make my nose smaller an get rid of the ball part?? an how can i make my chin a lil smaller?? READ MORE

2 months since Rhinoplasty and I feel a tightening?

Hi, it has been 2 months since my rhinoplasty. my upper lip and tip still seems very swollen, and my surgeon says that 75 percent of my swelling on... READ MORE

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