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Possible to Thin out the Fatty Tissue on the Nose?

I have heard about 'thin out the fatty tissue' I have oily skin. I have very thick skin on my nose tip , I want to know how does that work? how do you... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Thinner the Bridge Without Touching the Tip of the Nose? (photo)

Hello,Dear Doctors.My question is whether it is possible to have an osteotomy of the bridge of the nose without touching the tip?My bridge after first... READ MORE

Does pinching your nose make it smaller and thinner?

My nose is too flat and ot looks very big i ve heart that sikwezing and pinching your nose with your two fingers would make it smaller and thinner is... READ MORE

Accutane to Thin Skin for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

I want to have a rhinoplasty done. I understand that this will be difficult as I have oily, thick skin. Would it be beneficial, realistic for my... READ MORE

Nose shape with taping (massage) after rhinoplasty, which shape will I see?

2 months ago my nose was thinned.I have thick skin.After surgery my doctor give me massages, But i see that when i forget tapping my nose, nose gets... READ MORE

Is Thinning the Nose Necessary After Lifting It? (photo)

Two surgeons I consulted with said the same thing. I have a small hump and a droopy tip, I wanted the tip to be less droopy and hump to be straight.... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Tip Thinned Out? (photo)

I think my tip is too wide so how much would it cost to get from point A to point B(pictures)? READ MORE

About Steroid Injections in Rhinoplasty?

İ have thick skin around my nose and i heard steroid shots can thin the skin.But has it visible changes? For example if i used steroid shots without ... READ MORE

I'd like a nose similar to the shape of Penelope cruz. How much would it be and how difficult? (photos)

Hello! For almost seven years I've wanted a nose job. More specifically, a thinner & longer nose. Penelope's nose has a very complicated shape as her... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Septorhinoplasty, Still Swollen. The Bone Feels Thinner, Can This Happen?

Hello i'm safi 22 years old i did septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago as i had wide bridge and alar and drooped it's still swollen but i feel that... READ MORE

How to Thin out the Skin Around the Nose Without Undergoing a Rhinoplasty?

I have had rhinoplasty over a year ago. I have thick skin and therefore a revision rhinoplasty is not advised since nothing more could be achieved... READ MORE

I Am Worried About Thinning my Nose Tip? (photo)

For revision, I want my tip to be a bit smaller. But I am scared of it looking pinched! Also, when I see people with nosejobs its so easy to tell... READ MORE

Is thinning a thick ethnic nose possible? (photo)

Hi, Please see attached photo to see what Im trying to ask. I am African with thick nostril flaps. Is it possible to make nostril flaps thinner? I... READ MORE

How do you fix a small nose with a bulbous tip? (Photo)

I'm considering rhinoplasty because contouring doesn't help my nose. When light shines on my nose, the light breaks when it transitions from my bridge... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for wide nose with bulbous tip?

Hello! I'm looking for advice on what's needed to balance out my face. I've posted several (no makeup, eek!) pictures from various angles so you can... READ MORE

Would rhinoplastic surgery work for my face structure? Could thinning it make me look? (photo)

Are there risks it would look worse? I have a wide, round and short nose. Since always I have wanted surgery on my nose for a more refined look but I... READ MORE

Which procedure would be recommended to make my nose more thin and natural but non-European looking? (Photo)

I am a 23 year old african woman leaving in Europe. Since i was 14 i wanted to get my nose done. My nosetip is broad, my nose bridge and nostrils are... READ MORE

Would you recommend that I get a nose job? What would you think I should do to make my nose better? (Photo)

I would like to make my nose thinner and change how it looks from the side profile. I think thinning it would make it not so prominent, I feel like my... READ MORE

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