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Rhinoplasty While Wearing Braces?

Will my jaw and chin change because of the braces and must I wait until I remove the braces to have Rhinoplasty and to see the changes that braces did... READ MORE

Can teeth nerve damage occur during Rhinoplasty? I had a deviated septum fixed.

I had a deviated septum, the doc said 2% airway in each nostril. I'm healed up fine, except my upper front teeth. It's painful to bite down, even just... READ MORE

In pain after rhinoplasty. Is it normal?

I just had rhinoplasty (hump nose) 16hours ago. And I have a lot of pain. Maybe I'm sensitive, but I cant even sleep. Especially my teeth hurt really... READ MORE

Will Teeth Grinding Affect Rhinoplasty Result?

Grinding teeth after Rhinoplasty. I grind my teeth while I sleep. Will this have an adverse affect on my healing/development after rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Sensitivity in teeth after septoplasty and rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty yesterday. I began experiencing some pain and sensitivity in my teeth. Is this normal? READ MORE

Increase top teeth showing in smile? (photo)

Hello I am interested to see if there is anything i can do to increase the amount of top teeth showing when i smile. As you can see from the photos,... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening 3months After Rhinoplasty?

Yesterday I had my teeth whitened, 3months post op, I was told not to wear sunglasses for 4months and in this case I needed to wear glasses to shield... READ MORE

Weak lower jaw and chin, and upper lip projection (with rhinoplasty): What can the surgeon do? (photos)

Hello, My chin and my lower jaw are weak.What can I do? Implants? I will undergo a rhinoplasty, my columella drops too low(when i smile). My upper... READ MORE

How much would it be to realign my face? (photos)

I'd probably get a nose job and fix my jaw line. My crooked jaw has result it crooked teeth but it's not really noticeable but I wouldn't mind a... READ MORE

My nose is too wide and asymmetrical. Also, my smile doesn't show my teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

The tip of my nose is too wide and it is also asymetrical as well. Do I have to have anesthia or can this be fixed in office? And when I smile you... READ MORE

My nose is very flat and wide. When I smile, it looks like I'm struggling and I can't see my full set of top teeth. (Photo)

Well first I know I have to get a nose rhinoplasty to make it look more normal. But I need to know some questions. 1# do I need my teeth longer... READ MORE

How long after my Rhinoplasty can I have my tooth fixed?

I'm having a nose job pretty soon and 18 days later I am going to get my cavity fixed. Is it too soon? READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty in 1/13. My smile was effected. It seems like the middle of my upper lip sags when I smile, hides my teeth.

About 6 months ago the doctor did revision surgery and removed something (collumnala??) in an attempt to correct the problem. It still persists. You... READ MORE

When rested top lip covers teeth more. Will this return to normal over time?

When rested my top lip seem s to cover my teeth more and when smiling you can't seem to see my teeth.I am only 1 week post op,will this retun to... READ MORE

I am a horrific looking guy - is there any hope in fixing me please? (photos)

Hello I have so many deformities . From head to toe but I want to concentrate on the face . I see a horrific monster when I see my reflection . I am... READ MORE

Changed nose/lip angle after rhinolasty resulting in longer upper lip/less tooth show (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago to reduce hump and length of tip. Apparently my surgeon also changed my nose lip angle. This has resulted in a longer... READ MORE

I had a nose job 1,5 month ago. Soon I will have a laser teeth bleaching. Could this treatment harm my nose recovery?

I will stay at least for about 60 minutes at a smile position. My nose will be forced during the laser teeth bleaching. Will this have any harm for my... READ MORE

Depressor septi muscle cut make me smile weird

I had rhinoplasty post op 2 months and my board certefied doctor said that i need a depressor septi muscle release so my nose tip wont be pulled down... READ MORE

What would your professional recommendations in regards to my nose and getting a rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have always felt my nose was to big for my face. Having been worried my whole life, I do not smile as when I do my nose widens making it look bigger... READ MORE

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