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Is Taping the Nose After Rhinoplasty Necessary?

I dont want to tape my nose im sick and tired of staying home also is there a medication to reduce the swelling its been 10 days and my eyes are still... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Advise Patients to Continue Taping the Nose After Splint Removal?

Why do some doctors advise the patients to continue taping the nose after splint removal while others do not? What is causing the difference in... READ MORE

Function or purpose of tape after Rhinoplasty?

I'm 17 and I got a nose job about a month ago. I had closed surgery and my bone was broken. What is the function or purpose of the tape (3 strips... READ MORE

Does Taping the Nose Raise the Tip After Rhinoplasty?

Hello. I had a procedure done to take out a little piece of cartilage from my nose due to a previous surgery done 10 yrs ago. I explained to the... READ MORE

Could Tape Removal After Rhinoplasty Have Harmed Results?

Originally, I went back to the doctor 4 or 5 days days after surgery and the he removed the cast and taped up my nose. He showed me how to tape it... READ MORE

Why Have I Not Been Taped After Rhinoplasty?

When I got my splint off the doctor or nurse did not tape me or instruct me to use tape. All of my friends that have rhinoplasty were instructed to... READ MORE

Should I Tape my Nose at Night After Rhinoplasty?

Hi! I underwent my second Rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago (because of falling tip and callosity on dorsum), and today my doc removed the tapes. He told me to... READ MORE

Will Taping Help Upturned Nose After Rhinoplasty?

It is 1 week after my rhinoplasty procedure and my nose looks too upturned. I used to have a very straight, pointing downward nose when I smile and my... READ MORE

Would Not Taping Nose Cause This Permanently? Will It Go Down or Would I Need a Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had Rhino about 5 months ago and I didn't tape my nose much from what I was told its used to reduce swelling faster. My nose has a scooped out... READ MORE

Will Taping my Nose Help Reduce Swelling Past Two Weeks if I'm Lifting Weights, Drinking Alcohol, or Having Lots of Sodium??

My doctor told me I only need to tape my nose for two weeks after getting the splint off. Should I do it for a longer period of time (another week,... READ MORE

Swelling After Rhinoplasty

I had the surgery done two weeks ago and I am aware the swelling will last atleast a year. After the cast was taken off, I had tape on for a couple... READ MORE

My Tip is SUPER Swollen Now That I Have Stopped Tapping Nose During the Day, Should I Keep It Up? (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty, tip refinement and septoplasty on December 22, 2011. The cast was taken off a week later and at that time my doctor told me to... READ MORE

3 Moths Post Rhinoplasty, Is Taping The Nose Going To Help Results? (photo)

My q is :::now it's 3 months post op feel so happy with the results i'm still taping my nose as doctor told me now i need to know why right... READ MORE

Is Taping The Nose on Thick Skin Suggested After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am a Latin 31 years old woman who had a closed rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. My doctor removed the cast a week later and left the tape another week.... READ MORE

Why Didn't my Doctor Tape Up my Tip After Cast Was Removed?

I'm afraid that my tip will droop because it was not taped, is this true? READ MORE

How Can I Safely Apply and Remove Tape To My Nose After Rhinoplasty?

How to Tape the Nose After Surgery and Safely Remove It? Video if Available? Many Thanks? READ MORE

Taping Nose Post-rhino, Will The peeling Away Effect The Healing Shape?

After nose-lengthening with septal and ear grafts on tip, my supratip is less defined than i would like it at 7 weeks post-op. decided to tape it a... READ MORE

Taping my Nose After Open Rhinoplasty?

I had open rhinoplasty on the 25th of June 2010. You can see my concerns about the swelling at the tip of my nose in the other question I posted. I... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-Op and Nose Tip Was Over Corrected, Now I Have A Piggy Nose, Will This Possibly Change?

I'm 3 weeks post-op and I'm worrying about my nose... It looks very upturned and I don't know if it'll stay that way. I had an open... READ MORE

Using Cordran Tape to Reduce Tip Swelling 1 Year After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago and I have substantial swelling in the tip still. I have thick skin but am reluctant to get steroid shots. Will placing... READ MORE

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