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After septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery for deviated septum, what is the chance that nose will deviate again?

After getting septoplasty/rhintoplasty to correct severe deviated septum, is it likely that I may need additional surgeries to maintain the symmetry... READ MORE

Can Irregular Nostrils Be Fixed?

I had my first and only nose job exactly half a year ago to fix a parrot beak deformity, otherwise my nose was very regular and symmetric. Now I have... READ MORE

Male Rhinoplasty Inquiry. Please Assess My Nose in Terms of Symmetry, Bottom Tip and Profile? (photo)

I am a thirty year old male and based on the attached pictures (I apologize for the initial poor quality images), I am interested on an assessment of... READ MORE

Would a Nose Job Improve the Ratio Symmetry of my Face? (photo)

I've always felt like I've had a big nose, disproportionate to the rest of my facial features. However, I am not familiar with what would be the... READ MORE

Creating Symmetry Post Rhinoplasty Without Revision Surgery?

Middle eastern descent, surgery was open rhino 2 years ago out of the states, and have had 2 series of kenalog injections a year ago which worked well... READ MORE

Will a nose job improve the symmetry in my face? (photos)

Curious as to whether I will have better facial symmetry once I have rhinoplasty. I want more of a refined button nose. Picture is below. Thanks. READ MORE

What facial symmetry correction options are viable for me? (photos)

I have two small things that have always bothered me about my face: (1) my nose goes towards the right side of my face, not only effecting my nose,... READ MORE

Can an asymmetrical nose ruin symmetry of other facial components?

The question pretty much speaks for itself. I have an asymmetrical nose which is very noticeable. I try to ignore it when looking at the mirror but it... READ MORE

Will a nose job help balance my face? (Photo)

Looking to see if nose job and a chin implant can bring some symmetry to my face READ MORE

Would I benefit from a nose job and chin implant? Any specific techniques? :) (photos)

Hi everyone! :) I've always disliked my nose, I find it too bulbous. My nose isn't bumpy or anything, so I don't think I'd need to have it re-set, but... READ MORE

A traditional rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose job? (photos)

I am considering rhinoplasty so that my profile is more attractive. I've heard about non-surgical nose jobs as well. My question is, which procedure... READ MORE

If I get a nose job, wouldn't the space between the bottom of my nose and my lip be too long?

So, I'm sure most of you have heard of the horizontal thirds and vertical fifths. The 1st third of my face (forehead to brow ridge) is equal to the... READ MORE

Why do nostril symmetry and an upturned nose seem to be patients biggest complaints after surgery?

First of all, thank you to all the wonderful doctors who take the time to read and reply to these questions. My favorite part about this website! So... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for a squint nose and bulbous tip UK? (photos)

Hello, I am hoping to book myself in for a rhinoplasty operation in the near future. Would any doctors please advise as to realistic outcomes? My hope... READ MORE

I have been considering rhinoplasty for sometime now, but I am unsure if I would be a good candidate (Photo)

I am just unsure , if rhinoplasty would be right for me , as I have I have quite large eyes , I fear it may ruin my eye symmetery .Also the results... READ MORE

What exactly is going on here? Is this a medical condition? Is it fixable? Dents and symm? (Photo)

I have these weird bumpy dents on the sides of my nose. I also have a huge bulge on the top right of my nose which is causing my nose to look like it... READ MORE

What to do to thin my nose/add symmetry to my face? (Photo)

I really hate my nose. I feel like it throws everything off on my face! I would like to thin it out somehow. Never really agreed with plastic surgery... READ MORE

Suggestions to remove deviated septum and improve nose shape? (photos)

I'm a 21 y/o female.I'm considering rhinoplasty this year. My primary issue is however: devised septum as some docs have suggested. What further... READ MORE

I have uneven nostrils. Can rhinoplasty make them symmetrical?

Due to a boil in one of my nostrils, there is extra mass in the left nostril which makes it thicker than the right one and also the contouring of the... READ MORE

What fix is recommended for facial symmetry? (photos)

I've recently had rhinoplasty and noticed the picture taken depicts some facial assymetry that I'd like to look into correcting if possible. The lack... READ MORE

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