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Rhinoplasty to Fix Uneven Nostril on One Side?

I have uneven nostrils that make my frontal view unpleasant to me. Also, I don't mind my left profile, but I hate my right profile. The left... READ MORE

Who Can Help to Make my Nose Have a Thicker Bridge with No Asymmetries

I had three nose operations and finally this is what I have; approximately 1/3 of the implant has been removed starting from the forehead between the... READ MORE

Would Rhinoplasty Help Feminize my Face? (photo)

I've always felt that my nose is too bulbous and big for my face. I'm wondering if I had it slimmed out just a little it would help harmonize the rest... READ MORE

What Would Help Make my Nose Fit Better with my Face? (photo)

I've always been self-conscious about my nose for as long as I can remember. I love the side profile of it, but when straight on I feel my tip is... READ MORE

The bridge of my nose is uneven and wide. Would Rhinoplasty be especially difficult for my nose? (photos)

The tip cartilage on right side is longer than the left and more bulbous at the top border of it, near the corner of my nostril. The bump on R side of... READ MORE

Can a deviated septum make my smile crooked? (Photo)

I have been told I have a pretty bad deviated septum by an ENT and I should consider getting it fixed. If I get it fixed would it make my smile some... READ MORE

I feel like my face isn't symmetrical. How can it be fixed? (photo)

I feel that whenever I look in the mirror, my nose looks crooked and my face doesn't look symmetrical. Is there any procedure that could fix this and... READ MORE

What can be done to make my face look more symmetrical? (Photo)

I definitely want to have rhinoplasty done. My jaw is what puzzles me. It is lower on one side. I have a bit of an overbite but from side to side my... READ MORE

Is it even POSSIBLE to have a perfectly straight nose?

My nose is PRETTY straight but up close I feel kinda bad because it is a tad crooked. Can a really good looking person have a perfectly symmetrical... READ MORE

Non Symmetric Nostrils after a month. Is this normal?

32 days since my surgery & my nostrils still aren't symmetric. I still feel the stitches inside. I am supposed to see my surgeon in 2 weeks (i.e 6... READ MORE

Should I get a nose job for smaller nostrils? (Photo)

I always hated my nose and I feel my nostrils are ginormous. Will a rhino plastic surgery help me achieve a more symmetrical face? READ MORE

Will rhinoplasty straighten my nose? (Photo)

I hate my nose and as you can see it makes my whole face look crooked and it's hideous. I am so self conscience of my nose and hate taking pictures. I... READ MORE

I am looking for the least invasive fix possible. Will a resection of the foot plate make my nostrils more symmetrical? (photos)

I was examined by a doctor; he gave me a few option to consider for fixing my nose. He said it's NOT a deviated septum. Here are the options from... READ MORE

I Want To Know What Form of Rhinoplasty Do I Need?

I know that my nose is what makes my face symmetrical, but I also know that it is what throws my face off,I have Beend insecure about it for so long I... READ MORE

What procedure would I need to make my nostrils symmetrical, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

My nose is literally ruining my life. I can never breathe through the right nostril without squirts if afrin daily. No other medicine or spray works.... READ MORE

My right Inferior turbinate is too small & left tube is large. Will both turbinates be symmetrical post operation?

I will be having a Rhin/Septo/Endoscopic Inferior turbinoplasties. My Inferior turbinate on the right is too small because my septum is curved to... READ MORE

My nostrils aren't symmetrical. Any suggestions? (photos)

My nostrils heart when I touch like the middle line both of them mostly my left but anyways how can I ventually fix this READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for rhinoplasty and lip augmentation?

I think my nose is too big, I think my tip and nostrils are too wide. I would like my nose to be smaller and more feminine. I think I have a full... READ MORE

is possible to get a 100% straight columella ?

I have an off columella to right side of my nose, I would like to know if it's possible to get it 100% symmetrical and straight. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with septoplasty help. Would this make my nose symmetrical and better proportioned? (Photo)

My nose is extremely deviated. I am wondering what how it would look after surgery and how it would be changed. My nose is small right now and i want... READ MORE

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