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Can You Swim or Use the Sauna 17 Days After Rhino???

I was 13 days post op and ended up getting a major nose bleed. I ended up in the ER and they has to repack the left side of my nose. BRUTAL. The... READ MORE

Did I damage my nose 3 months post op? (photos)

So basically I had a primary rhinoplasty performed about 3 months ago and everything has been great until 4 days ago when I was swimming and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in June/July - How Will It Affect my Summer?

I'm 18/f. I got kicked in the nose a few weeks ago, and my ENT said it is definitely broken.I'm getting a septoplasty/rhinoplasty done at the... READ MORE

Snorkeling After Rhinoplasty

I am planning on going snorkeling in 3 wks by then i should be 4 months post op. Is it safe for me to snorkel without causing any damage or irritation... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Swim?

I have undergone for rhinoplasty last july so its month already.. so how many months could i go to beach swimming? READ MORE

9 Weeks Post-op Septorhinoplasty - Fairground and Swimming Rides

Hello I had septorhinoplasty. By the time I go on holiday, I will be 9 weeks post op. My questions are.... Can I go swimming, and use the water rides... READ MORE

Can I Lifeguard at a Lake After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I am 18 years old and gettin rhinoplasty at the end of June. I plan to work at a lake life guarding over the summer and I was wondering how long I... READ MORE

I'm interested in getting a rhinoplasty done. My question is, is it okay to go boating a month after?

I won't be swimming much, and the boat is a bit bumpy on the water. Will this be okay? I'm a young 22 yr old female and heal pretty quick. What do you... READ MORE

When is it safe to go swimming after Rhinoplasty?

How soon after rhinoplasty is it ok to swim?? It has been 17 days exactly and I went in the ocean today and accidentally without thinking just put my... READ MORE

Lap swimming after Rhinoplasty? Is it safe as 6 weeks? Can doing anything like wearing goggles shift my nose at this point?

So I am six weeks post op after my Rhinoplasty, I would like to pick back up on lap swimming. Is it safe at this point? I don't want to do anything... READ MORE

I'm Having Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery, Can I Go to the Beach?

I was wanting to know if I'd be okay going to the beach 8 days after my closed rhinoplasty surgery. READ MORE

I hit my nose against a friend's head while swimming. How can I know if I have a broken nose?

I was swimming with my friend and he was right underneath me while I was doing laps. As I flipped to go the other direction I bashed my nose onto his... READ MORE

Getting a very minor nose job that doesn't involve breaking of the bone, how long is recovery?

I am getting a nose job next week, but almost all of the surgery is involving the cartilage top of my nose, removing some off the sides and bottom. A... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Swim After Rhinoplasty - the Leisurely Kind?

Hello, I know I should not exert myself in great physical activity for a while after the surgery, but this will just be leisurely swimming. For the... READ MORE

Can I swim after Rhinoplasty? 3 month old silicone L shaped rhinoplasty. (photos)

After my nose done rhinoplasty silicone implant 3 months ago, can I go to beach or a private pool to swim? And i plan to take a culinary course want... READ MORE

2 yrs post op Rhinoplasty, is it okay to wear swimming goggles?

I had nose surgery about 2 year ago (by next month), until now I never swum after the surgery to protect my nose for further care, but I like to swim... READ MORE

Aquatic exercise after rhinoplasty twice a day. Am I okay and may I continue?

I own an aquatic exercise tank and enter it twice a day to conduct minor exercises. I returned to my schedule on the two month mark post rhinoplasty.... READ MORE

After rhinoplasty, when is it safe to do these activities, like swimming and massage? I am 5 weeks post-op

Hi, In mid February I will be going away for the weekend, I will be 5 wks post-op for rhinoplasty. I would like to do leisurely activities such as... READ MORE

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