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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dont really wanna go asking friends for advice on finding the right rhinplasty doctor for my nose job. What is best way to find the best? Cheers. - K. READ MORE

Should I Go to an ENT Doctor for Rhinoplasty Revision Advice?

I went to a plastic surgeon in Norwalk, CT and after the second surgery, I am still unhappy with one side of my nose which dips in. Do you think it is... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a low-grade temperature after surgery?

Post-op day 2&3 I've ran a temp around 99.6. I called my surgeon and he said that is normal after surgery to run slightly high. But this morning,... READ MORE

Board Certified for Rhinoplasty?

I read on here that it is great if my PS is board certified by ASAPS and ASPS, but what about ABFPRS and ABO? is this still good? READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Find an Excellent Surgeon to Perform Rhinoplasty?

I would want to find someone who has an excellent track record. How much variance in price is involved? Does a higher cost mean a better surgeon? Thanks. READ MORE

Did my Surgeon Do the Right Thing Because my Face Doesn't Look in Proportion

I've had surgery 3 weeks ago. I know my surgeon is highly experienced and just concentrates on the face (mainly nose though). But as he... READ MORE

Will I Have Complications if I Use a Less Experienced Surgeon?

I want to do a soft rhinoplasty (cartilage of nose tip). I am afraid my surgeon mess it up. He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon teacher. But I am... READ MORE

Normal To Share Rhinoplasty Surgical Plan Details With Surgeon Post-Consultation?

Following a detailed consultation and evaluation for rhinoplasty is it ok to ask the doctor to share with you the surgical plan in detail, with the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with 65 Years Old Surgeon?

My friend advice me good , expiriance , board certificated surgeon in my area , I am just not sure because he is 64 years old- is it plus (experisnce)... READ MORE

Where is the best place to get rhinoplasty done in the United States?

I'm in Canada and I would like to get rhinoplasty done. I'm not sure if I am impressed with some of the surgeons I have seen in my area. I was... READ MORE

Is It Ok for Post Op Review to Be Done by Another Surgeon?

I live out of province from where i'm traveling to have my rhinoplasty done (24 hour drive). Is it a big deal to have the surgery, drive home, and... READ MORE

How many Rhinoplasty procedures do you do in a week, month, year?

Just curious as to how many nose jobs suregons across the board do in their practice. READ MORE

How Do I Asses/find the Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, as cosmetic surgery can be life changing I want to know how do i find the best surgeons. What do i look out for? What do i ask? Im a very cautious... READ MORE

Is this a really normal swell? Has the doctor destroyed my nose? (Photos)

Hi doctors I did a rhinoplasty nose surgery 7days ago and I am shocked how bad it looks The plan was to make my nose thinner. It's been really wide... READ MORE

I am extremely unhappy with my rhinoplasty results, is there anything I can do?

I am 10 days post op, I hate my results. I still have a small bump, my tip is still bulbous and long, and my nose is now crooked. Will surgeons offer... READ MORE

Are these enough qualifications for a Rhinoplasty surgeon?

I already met with dr (?) and feel comfortable to go with him to perform my rhinoplasty. I just want to make sure he has the right qualifications.... READ MORE

Small bump was revealed at the site of large bump removal when cast was removed - minimally invasive options? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty one week ago to reduce a bump on my bridge. After cast removal a bump was still there, smaller than before but noticeable. My... READ MORE

Double certified rhinoplasty surgeon with 15+ years experience, but some bad reviews. What to do?

I met with a double certified rhinoplasty surgeon with 15+ years experience, with publications & lecture credits. Sounds super elite right? His prices... READ MORE

My nose has a bend in it. I feel like this will be hard to correct. What experience should I look for in my surgeon? (Photo)

I am seeking to have rhinoplasty in November in the USA. I'm unsure what type of rhinoplasty surgeon I should look for as I feel like my nose is... READ MORE

Do I tell my surgeon that I've have a non-surgical rhinoplasty in the past?

I'm looking to have my nose done soon. That being said, do I tell my surgeon that I've have a non-surgical rhinoplasty in the past? The non-surgical... READ MORE

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