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I barely have cartilage in my nose tip, what can be done and how much will it cost?

So over the years I noticed that my nose tip was very squishy and can be easily moved around. It seemed as if there is no support at all in the tip.... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty - nose falling? (photos)

6 months post op and I feel like one side might have lost internal support? As you can see in the picture -- right after the bone hump, the nose falls... READ MORE

How much would tip rhinoplasty cost?

I know my nose is not perfect but the only thing that really bothers me is the tip. Would it be possible to just get some tip support with out... READ MORE

Travelling Alone for Rhinoplasty

Next Year I Plan to Go India for Rhinoplastic from Newzealand Itzzz Good Idea or Not and Have Any Risk Without Friend and Family READ MORE

Is a collumella strut necessary for proper tip support?

Hello I've had a primary rhinoplasty and a revision (via open procedure). In my rhinoplasty septal cartilage shield graft was used to make the tip... READ MORE

Do I have tip support loss or collapse post-op? (photo)

I know pics are never enough but I really would appreciate some insight. My tip when I touch it, it feels very soft, as if its just skin. Inside my... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: L-shape septum remaining enough support?

Dear doctors i have noticed that some doctors remove during rhinoplasty as much from the septum to the point where an L-Shaped outer part of the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 16 days post-op: Can I ask for a new splint after removal as it feels like my nose has no support?

On day 16 after first nose operation. Bone on upper part narrowed, cartilage on nose tip. Doctor used my earcartilage (nearly a hole in one ear). On... READ MORE

Would I need cartilage grafts for tip support? (Photos)

I am going in for a primary rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge, tip reduction, and bridge reduction. My tip is easy to push down so I'm wondering if... READ MORE

I've heard a columella strut is used for tip support and to prevent nasal collapse, can it make the nose look unnatural?

Are there other forms of tip support that can help prevent nasal collapse an look natural? Or other techniques used to prevent a nasal collapse when... READ MORE

Infection and exposed cartilage in the nose after revision rhinoplasty -- will this heal on it's ow? (Photos)

I am two weeks post op from a revision rhinoplasty and have what seems like exposed cartilage in my nose. My septum was deviated and a cartilage graft... READ MORE

What happens if you remove septal tip graft support?

I don't like how upturned my nose is, and how immobile my tip is. I actually like having my tip spread when I smile. I contacted my surgeon who said... READ MORE

11 weeks post rhinoplasty, why are my nostrils uneven from the front view only? (Photos)

11 weeks post rhinoplasty done abroad, have no access to my surgeon, overally very happy with the result (side views are perfect), nostrils look the... READ MORE

Alar batten graft vs. Alar rim graft?

I'm getting a revision soon. I strongly dislike the refinement of my tip, my primary rhinoplasty left me with. I used to have a wide domal arch from... READ MORE

In rhinoplasty, does a large membranous septum act as a supporting structure for the tip?

If a large membranous septum is removed, how does it affect the tip? In revision rhinoplasty, what is the best grafting material (ear, rib, nasal... READ MORE

How to tell if the tip of your nose has inadequate support/stability?

Apologies if I've misused terminology, but I've heard that the tip of your nose has inadequate support, the open approach becomes necessary. Is this... READ MORE

Losing support after graft removal?

I had a septal tip support graft placed to define my tip. My primary surgeon told me, he could reverse this procedure and my nose would return to it's... READ MORE

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