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Columellar Strut - When is It Necessary?

I recently underwent rhinoplasty (a few months ago) and my doctor did not put in a columellar strut. During the initial consultation, I had mentioned... READ MORE

Overprojection and Hard Tip Resulting from Columella Strut

Hi, I had an open revision rhinoplasty approximately 3 months ago consisting of: 1. A dorsal rib cartilage/perichondrium graft. 2. Spreader grafts. 3.... READ MORE

Whats the Difference Between a Columellar Strut and Nasal Spine Augmentation? (photo)

I was and am trying to get the result of whats in the picture. Ive had a premaxillary implant fitted a year ago to improve my nasalabial angle and it... READ MORE

Tongue-In-Groove Vs. Cartilaginous Columellar Strut?

Why would you use Tongue-in-Groove vs. Columellar Strut? What is the difference, what outcome, and which technique is better? When and why would you... READ MORE

Will a Columella Strut Prolong Tip Swelling?

I had an open rhinoplasty three weeks ago, and now my tip even fuller and rounder than before (projected looking), especially in my columella. Also,... READ MORE

generic nasal-tip-drop to expect, after revision

Hello, i had revision rhinoplasty a month ago for septal reconstruction and correcting alar retraction from prior surgery. I had an open procedure... READ MORE

Columella Strut and Crease

Hello, I had a columella strut placed in my nose a year ago. Since then there is a crease between my upper lip and my nose when I smile which looks... READ MORE

can a columellar strut be immediately removed???

I agreed to placement of a columellar strut and dorsal graft to correct some problems from a prior rhinoplasty. One of my complaints was that the... READ MORE

8 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty. My Nostrils and Top Lip Are Not Looking Good? (photo)

I had an open procedure. The Dr. put in a columellar strut at the base, tip graphs and alar rim graphs. I lip does not come up completely when I smile... READ MORE

Why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut?

Hello, I wanted to know why would a rhinoplasty surgeon put 1.5 cm long cartilaginous columellar strut? What are the reasons? What does it do to the... READ MORE

Can Smiling & Laughing Affect The Final Results of a Columellar Strut?

Can smiling, laughing, and yawning after the placement of a columellar strut affect final results? thank you READ MORE

Left with Only 8mm L-strut After Rhinoplasty. Should That Be Corrected?

After reviewing an old operative report i noticed the surgeon mentioned he used and removed cartilage from my nose but left me with a good 8mm L-strut... READ MORE

Will The Columella Soften Again After Strut is Placed In It?

I had a strut placed in the collumella. Now, it feels very hard and looks a bit prominent, but I don't know if this is due to the swelling or it... READ MORE

I Have a Silicone L Strut in Place and Have Found the Tip is Going Grey. Implant Needs to Be Removed!

I had a primary rhinoplasty and felt that that too much bone was removed from the bridge. So a silicone L strut was put in place later. The implant... READ MORE

Deproject Tip?

Hello, I've been told that I have a parenthesis deformity of the tip with slightly thick skin and would benefit from lateral strut grafts and a... READ MORE

Realistic Hopes for Upturned Nose? (photo)

Open Rhino with Colum. Strut to straighten hanging nose and decrease bump. Ended up with feminine upturned nose. I am 2 weeks postop. Doctor says he... READ MORE

Removing columellar struts?

I had a rhinoplasty to reduce the width of my nose from the front and was explicit about not wanting to lose any length at all cost. I'm 4 mo PO and... READ MORE

Columellar strut and problems? (photos)

Out of 6 consultations. 4 docs said I need a columella strut. the other 2 told me that they increase the projection of the nose, and it's used for... READ MORE

Placing Columella Strut Via Transfixion Incision?

I heard that a transfixion incision distrupts nasal tip mechanisms and therefore an adverse effect. For placing a columella strut, is this done via a... READ MORE

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