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Can Smoking 6 Weeks Post-op Still Damage Breathing Results?

Hello! I am 7 weeks post rhinopasty. For a week now I've been smoking 5-8 cigarettes a day to calm me down in a stressfull period.. I've noticed inner... READ MORE

I am 10 months post open tip plasty & struggling with residual swelling. Is stress a known cause of swelling flare ups?

Am 10 months post open tip plasty and am mostly happy with result, though I still have intermittent swelling bouts caused by heat, exercise .... READ MORE

Am currently 11 months post rhinoplasty and going through stressful period. Can high stress levels affect final outcome/results?

Hello Drs, Am currently 11 month post rhinoplasty and going through a very stressful break up. Can high stress levels affect the final healing phase... READ MORE

Tiny bit of cartilage removed from the tip of nose to correct a large dimple and bulbous tip gone wrong? (Photo)

I had a closed rhino 8 weeks ago and I'm so unhappy. I had a VERY bulbous tip with a large dimple in the middle, to which my surgeon removed a tiny... READ MORE

How does closed rhinoplasty affect the menstrual cycle?

I had a closed rhinoplasty exactly 6 weeks ago with zero complications. two weeks after (meaning four weeks ago) I got my period. Thereafter, I... READ MORE

I want to know if my tip will change - now it's the second day. (photos)

My tip before surgery was nice my problem was with bridge but now I'm really stress full if my tip will remain like this or it will come down because... READ MORE

4 months post rhinoplasty - results keep worsening as the months go on. Is it too early to request steroid injections? (photo)

My surgeon has been extremely unhelpful so I’ve been seeking advice/support elsewhere- many thanks to the doctors on RealSelf. My surgeon confirmed I... READ MORE

Chronic nose fidgeting.

Sometimes I find myself pushing, squizing, turning and pressing the tip of my nose. My nose is relatively big, but not ugly. I now wonder wether this... READ MORE

Re-gaining feeling in nose after Rhinoplasty?

I got a sept/rhino about 3-4 years ago. The tip of my nose is very slightly still numb. I was told to expect this as it could take years for the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Swelling

Hi, I had my nose job for about 2 years ago and my nose is still swelling, especially in the morning. Also, my left nostril is bigger than... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Post Surgery.

It's been nearly three months to my rhinoplasty and very recently I've started noticing my nose is looking crooked. This is more visible in pictures... READ MORE

The left side of my face lifts up due to stress. Can I still have rhinoplasty?

Hello, I am planning on having a Rhinoplasty at age 17, and currently I am 16 years old. I have done plenty of research, and I am mentally prepared... READ MORE

Oranges before my surgery (Septoplasty/ Rhinoplasty)?

I have to get you doctors in context first. Male, 22 Years Old, Fit, Fast Metabolism, Healthy. So, I have two procedures to be performed on me... READ MORE

Can I make my nose smaller by putting slight pressure on the bone 10 weeks post rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 10 weeks ago to remove a hump, and I am unsatusfied and want it way flatter. There's nothing I can say to the surgeon for a... READ MORE

Septo/rhinoplasty recovery in regards to using forced air supplies for emergency purposes.

Thank you for your time, I would like to know an estimated length of recovery to allow my septum time to heal before using emergency oxygen supplies,... READ MORE

I feel tensed and stressed after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

It has been a month since I've had my rhinoplasty+septoplasty operation. For the past couple of days I felt very stressed, with alot of tension. i do... READ MORE

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