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Will I Be Able to Play Contact Sports After a Rhinoplasty ?

If yes,how long do I have to wait for ? Will my nose be more vulnerable to fracture again ? I don't play violent sports like boxing,I play mostly... READ MORE

How Difficult is It to Fix Broken Nose Tip?

4 years ago, I was in an car accident hitting my nose (bottom/tip area) very hard. I didn't think it was broken at the time; the bone felt straight... READ MORE

Can my Nostrils Be Lowered or Changed?

Hello, I have a interesting question. I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery about 16 months ago and I am bothered by my nostril show now. My nose... READ MORE

What Can Be Done For My Nose To Be Straight? (photo)

What type of nose do i have? what causes it to be in this shape? What has to be done for it to become straight? Thanks READ MORE

How much will it cost to have my nose straightened, will my eyes be black and blue? If so for how long? (photos)

I was punched by my sister when I was 13 ever since then its been crooked. I went to the ER the day after it happened and they said it was not broken... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Without Touching the Bone?

Hello! I need some help. I really want to get Rhinoplasty done because my nose is extremely long and wide and just messed up. I have a question is it... READ MORE

Can I Get Rid of Hump on my Nose Without Surgery and Also Get a Defined Tip? (Photo)

Hello, looking at my photos would I be a suitable candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty? I want to get rid of the hump and also have a more defined... READ MORE

Can I go in Public 6 days Post Open Rhinoplasty?

-19 yr old caucasion female - getting septum straightened, tip refined, hump shaved down -open nosed rhinoplasty Basically just trying to get an... READ MORE

Too-Straight Nose After Rhinoplasty

Basically I had rhinoplasty a year ago,to remove a bump and reduce my nose in size.My problem is that now my nose in my opinion looks too straight... READ MORE

How much would a nose job cost me? (Photo)

I've wanted a nose job for a really long time now. I'm turning 18 in a couple months so I thought now would be a good time to do it. I want to get rid... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix a Curved Nose? (photo)

In a side profile view, you can see that my nose curves unattractively. My question- how much would this cost to fix? I just want my nose to look... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Straight Again? (photo)

Can a nose be straightened if the mid bridge shifts to a v deformity. I am simply asking if my nose can be straight again and if we can shorten it at... READ MORE

Do nose straighteners work? Like Nasofix and the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener...

I'm a 14-year-old female Asian. I have a big, wide, fat nose. I would like for it to be a lot slimmer and smaller because my nose is really unattractive. READ MORE

Extreme Weight Loss in Face my Nose Looks Bigger. Would I Benefit from Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My nose used to be proportionate to my face until I lost weight on my cheeks etc and I would like advice as to whether I should get it straightened... READ MORE

I Was Born with a Crooked Nose, Will Rhinoplasty Help? (photo)

I have a crooked nose and i'm unhappy with the tip as well. It's also quite large. Will rhinoplasty correct my nose so that it's almost... READ MORE

Persistent Face Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Septorhinoplasty 7 weeks ago to reduce the width of my nose, straighten it, and define my tip. My concern is that my face is still kind of... READ MORE

Can Overly Wide Nose Bridge from Injury Be Thinned?

I broke my nose before and it healed wrongly. There is a lot of excess cartilage in the bridge now, making it wider. Also, the bone is a little off... READ MORE

Suggestions for Correcting Rhinoplasty Results

I discussed exactly what I wanted for a rhinoplasty result and even showed a picture. I asked that the nose not be tipped up, however, it now is. The... READ MORE

My problem is that my nose bone is not straight. What can I do to straighten my nose in sequence with my mouth? (Photo)

What can I do to make my nose straighten in correct posture with my mouth , should I go for surgery or not? READ MORE

Open Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation?

I am planning open rhinoplasty this year to straighten the bridge of my nose and also because I cannot breathe properly through one side of the... READ MORE

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