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Had Infection Now Have Bowed Cartilage Bump/dome on Upper Supra-alar Crease?

Had random infection/absess (~7 years ago, not treated). After the incident there is bump at the upper end of the supra-alar crease. Inside the nose,... READ MORE

I Had a Rhino 9 Weeks Ago Around 6 Weeks I Noticed a Lump?

On the right side of my bridge. in person, not too noticeable unless i point it out. when i push down on it, it completely goes away. is it too soon... READ MORE

My nose's skin became loose and squishy ! What I can to do?

I had close rhinoplasty 4years ago but from 2 weeks ago i did many massages on my nose tip ,and now i feel my nose skin is loose and squishy! please... READ MORE

What Could It Be? Rhinoplasty Just Looks Like an Extension of my Nose? (photo)

The doctor that performed the surgery on me, made a mess, as he pushed too hard in my nose after removing the cast, and it looks like an extension of... READ MORE

I want to know if my 6 week old baby can get surgery on his nose ?

When my son came out the vagina the doctor had showed him to me&he had a big red Bruse on his nose,the doctor said he probably squished his nose... READ MORE

Splint After Septorhinoplasty Seems to Be Squashing One Nostril?

I had my surgery done 6 days ago my splint is completely squashing down my left nostril, this was the side I needed septoplasty is this normal ? READ MORE

dorsal hump immediately visible after rhinoplasty-- why?!

I got a rhinoplasty done about 6 days ago to overall improve the shape of my nose/remove the large hump on my nose. i had the splint removed this... READ MORE

11 months post. I have a small bump on the side. The bump is squishy, ounds like water. Swelling? How can I reduce? (Photo)

My healing process was normal. My surgeon is a few hours away and it's been difficult to set appointments. Only seen him once since my surgery. The... READ MORE

I accidentally squeezed my nose 9 days post op?

I had an Alar base reduction 9 days and had the sutures removed on the 6th day. Today I accidentally squeezed my nose tip and it bled a little from... READ MORE

Squishy end of nose, can I get surgery? (Photos)

My dream is to have a nose similar to Denise Richards - high pointing up? is this type of nose possible with the nose i currently have? or am i... READ MORE

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