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Is a Spreader Graft Necessary to Fix Nasal Valve Collapse?

I had a previous rhinoplasty where a dorsal hump was removed leaving me with a collapsed internal nasal valve. The doctor said he would use a closed... READ MORE

Is It Absolutely Necessary to Put a Spreader Graft in to Imporve Breathing?

I had one put in but my breathing did not improve. It actually got worse after my grafts collapsed at the top of my nose. Before I had the surgery I... READ MORE

Bulbous Tip and Spreader Graft

If you narrow a bulbous tip and the nostrils, you may encounter nasal obstruction (afterwards), but that could fixed by a spreader graft. I read a... READ MORE

Can Spreader Graft or Onlay Camouflage for Small Dent Be Performed Via Closed Rhinoplasty?

If not, what other methods would you recommend? I have read fillers are an alternative but they do not blend in and end up looking like a lump. Please... READ MORE

Will a Spreader Graft Straighten a Depression on my Nose?

I'm the One That Asked About the Spreader Grafts and if It's Necessary to Have Them to help with breathing. I also wanted to know if you need... READ MORE

Osteotomies and Valve Area

My breathing is just normal now. By applying lateral osteotomy the base of the nasal pyramid can be narrowed. I'm concerned that initiating at the... READ MORE

I Want to Get my Dorsal Hump Removed. Advice on Spreader Grafts? (photo)

As you can see I want a full rhinoplasty to remove my hump, straighten the bridge and a little tip work. I've seen 2 plastic surgeons ,because we only... READ MORE

Will Spreader Grafts Strengthen a Weak Lateral Sidewall in Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a few years back and now am having trouble breathing. I have an inverted V slight pinch in the tip of my nose. The nose collapses... READ MORE

Are You More Congested After Spreader Graft Rhinoplasty?

A year ago I had rhinoplasty to fix a severely deviated septum & enlarged turbinates, & my doc "refined" my nose. While healing my... READ MORE

Will Spreader Grafts Prevent Bones and Cartilage from Shifting?

Correction of the Crooked Nose Using Custom-Made High-Density Porous Polyethylene Extended Spreader Grafts? I found this in an article while reading... READ MORE

Surgeon Manipulated Nose at 2 Week Post Op Visit - is This Okay?

At my 2 week visit my surgeon examined my nose (spreader grafts were placed) and then proceeded to manipulate my nose - pushing on it and squeezing it... READ MORE

I Am 13 Days Post Op Open Rhinoplasty/septoplasty/turbinates/spreaders? (photo)

I noticed the inside top of my nose was swollen (more on the left than right). I was wondering if this is permanent or will it go down with time. READ MORE

In One of my Rhinoplasty Consults the Doctor Gave Me an Unsure Answer. Should This Be a Red Flag?

I have met with 2 plastic surgeons so far and sadly still don't feel comfortable or reassured. One said I would need spreader graphs, and the other... READ MORE

I think I have an open roof deformity as well, my nose looks awful after 8 months. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello,i had closed rhyno,8 months ago,lately i noticed do i have an open roof deformity? do u think my spreader is not straight?,is it a rasion my... READ MORE

What is a spreader used for?

I had a little, skinny nose that was a little over projected and now I have a wide, huge, ugly nose. The doctor stated he did nothing to the bridge of... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and sports

I had grafts placed in such as spreader shield columella and others ect... some were stitched in and others were not. 2 question.... why are some... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty spreader flap revision?

I had a spreader flap placed to allow the bottom half of my upper lateral cartilages to widen (like an upside triangle) to better suit my bulbous tip.... READ MORE

Nylon sutures?

In all of your experience should I be very nervous about nylon sutures. I had some of my rhinoplasty done with permanent sutures such as spreader and... READ MORE

Is redness normal after a septorhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had a septorhinoplasty 9months ago and I still have swelling in my nose I had a spreader graft place in my nose to help me breath, I am concerned... READ MORE

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