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How to Find Someone Who Specializes in Rhinoplasty

Many have said if your wanting to have rhinoplasty its best to look for someone who specializes in it ... My problem is actually FINDING someone. Ive... READ MORE

Can Anyone Remove the Tape Post Rhinoplasty Or Should it be a Professional?

I had rhinoplasty and 4 days later the surgeon removed the splint and retaped. Since he will be out of town for a week the receptionist/assistant will... READ MORE

What Make's a Rhinoplasty Surgeon Specialized?

1. When is a surgeon, considered specialized in rhinoplasty? How many years expierence & how many noses a week should lead 2 this predicate? Whats... READ MORE

Can a Good Rhinoplasty Be Done by a General Plastic Surgeon?

I've always heard that for a rhinoplasty that you need to go to a rhinoplasty specialist or facial cosmetic surgeon. I found a surgeon that is a... READ MORE

I'm Interested in a Rhinoplasty. Should I Look for a Doctor That Specializes in the Face; Eyes, Nose Etc?

I'm 19 years old and live in Houston, TX. I've been interested in getting a rhinoplasty for a couple years and have recently decided to start looking... READ MORE

Who Are Some of the Best Specialist Rhinoplasty Surgeons in the World? (photo)

I have included why surgeon refuse because they haven't seen a nose like mine before and the surgeon said that outcome may not be good of the surgery... READ MORE

My doctor took the bulbous out of my tip. Can a rhinoplasty specialist give me a tip back? (photo)

My doctor seems to have completely taken the tip of my nose away, I HATE it. Can a rhinoplasty specialist give me a tip back? READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon perform rhinoplasty successfully even if it is not listed as one of their specialties?

This past month, I had a consultation for rhinoplasty/neck lipo with a lovely doctor. He was so nice, smart, honest, patient, detail-oriented and... READ MORE

24 days post op, closed sinus & Rhinoplasty & septoplasty surgery by an ENT specialist. Do I need a revision? (photos)

My uneven nostrils and my remaining bony bump on my nose bridge makes me sad. Will this bony hump stay on my nose's bridge? Or is it just healing... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeons for Secondary/Revision Rhinoplasty in USA?

I wanted to know a current list of the top USA plastic surgeons who know and specialize in secondary/revision rhinoplasty with an excellent track... READ MORE

I'm having difficulty finding the right doctor. I'm not sure which area of specialty to look for for the best results. (Photo)

My entire nose needs reshaping but I am not sure what to look for in a doctor. I see some who seem to be better with tip revision or hump removal and... READ MORE

Biracial nose job - Specialized plastic surgeon (Photo)

I have always wanted to get a noise job but have always been fearful of an unfavorable outcome. I'm biracial and have a very flexible noise that does... READ MORE

Should I travel for a nose job done by a world renowned rhinoplasty specialist, or get it done at home in St. Louis?

I have always wanted a nose job to correct my dorsal hump and droopy tip but I am terrified of something going wrong, leaving me with a massive... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty performed by a facial plastic surgeon v. a plastic surgeon - does the difference matter?

If plastic surgeons have more training in plastic surgery, while a facial plastic surgeon only have 1 year of training in cosmetic surgery on face... READ MORE

Searching for a great rhinoplasty surgeon!

I'm looking for the right doctor to do a rhinoplasty in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas. Obviously, one who is board certified and preferably... READ MORE

How many rhinoplasty surgeries is a normal amount for a specialist to do in one day?

How many surgeries are done in one day safely to were it's not a fast food surgery meaning a bunch of people in an out quickly in one day, rather than... READ MORE

Good rhinoplasty specialists in Iran?

I know there are many of them, but many con artists as well, and I'm not sure who to go to or where to start. Any suggestions of good plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Chicago Nasal Bossa Correction Doctor Recommendations

Can anybody recommend some good doctors in Chicago who specialize in correcting bossa nasal tip deformities? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Specialist in Dominican Republic?

I've been researching a lot and can't find a nose job specialist in the Dominican Republic. Can you recommend me a good one? READ MORE

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