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How Difficult is It to Smooth out a Bumpy Dorsum Due to a Bony Callous?

I know that all rhinoplasty revisions are complicated but, in that context, how difficult would it be to smooth out a bumpy dorsum? It seems I may... READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Grafting. Is It Possible to Use It for Only Lightly Softening This Area?

I would like to just smoothen a bit the transition between my nasal tip and my nasal ala as i have a small indent.But this drop off is not so steep or... READ MORE

Is it possible to safely shape my nose into a smooth bridge with no hump? (photos)

Looking to smooth bridge to have no hump. To straighten out the bridge to make the face symmetrical and nose to not be crooked. And to thin bridge a... READ MORE

What Could You Do with my Nose? (photo)

I want it to look smooth an neat and the tip is too big! what could you do READ MORE

Why does my nose look like this? (photos)

Hi. So everytime I take a picture my left side (right side of the picture) looks so weird. It doesn't look smooth as my right side. When I touch it I... READ MORE

10 months post op. What do you think of the results? Does my tip look okay? (photos)

Some days I like my news, others I dont. On the left side of nose, it feels as if their are pieces of bone in my nose. The other side of my nose is... READ MORE

I've done my nose but there is a little bubble. Is this normal?

I have recently got a nose job to smooth out my nose And the doctor cut me on the right side there still is a small bubble on the right side of my... READ MORE

Would it be possible to have my nose surgically changed similar to the ones shown in the photo? (Photo)

I want the bridge of my nose to appear softer and smoother, and not so prominent. And the overall shape of my nose not to be so triangular. I'm not... READ MORE

What can be done with my nose? (photos)

The profile view of my nose looks fine but when I turn my head to a certain angle my nose looks crooked. On the top of my nose bridge I feel a bump on... READ MORE

If I want just my dorsal bump shaved down, is there another cheaper option for me than full on surgery? (photos)

I would like to know what my options are as far as my dorsal bump, (which was cause by being hit into several times). I would just like it rasped and... READ MORE

I've injured my nose twice and I want it smoothed out with no humps, like it was when I was born. What can do I?

The bone on the side of my feet stick out and gives me pain some days it is just earrittating i need it be smoothed out and on my nose i injured it 2... READ MORE

How to correct alar notching and narrow infra lobule? (See pictures in my other posts)

I got open rhinoplasty 10 months ago. I have noticed that my alar rims are notched on frontal view and that it makes my soft tissue triangles hollow... READ MORE

I need a more contoured & smooth profile when it comes to my nose.

I'm extremely nervous on who I should go to for the procedure. What would be the best way going about picking the best Doctor to meet what I'm wanting... READ MORE

Is the swollen tip actually constricted in some way? Does it loosen as swelling goes down? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post-rhinoplasty. My tip is still firm, with some loosening up occurring around my left nostril. What I am noticing is that while the tip... READ MORE

nose bridge hump removed completely , is this right ? What can be done to smoothen the bridge ? (photo)

I had a nose surgery 9 months ago and the doctor has removed the pump I had in the bridge of my nose but he left it empty now there some sort of small... READ MORE

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