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Will my Nose Job Permanently Affect my Smile?

I just had rhinoplasty a week ago and today my surgeon removed the bandage, splint and stitches. I just tried smiling and realized that I can't smile.... READ MORE

How Long Before Smile Returns to Normal After Rhinoplasty?

I am a post-op for Rhinoplasty. I've been recovering pretty quickly and I haven't been having any problems really, other than this: I've noticed that... READ MORE

My Nose Expands and Looks Really Big and Flat when I Smile. Is There a Way to Fix That Without Losing Its Character? (photo)

My Nose Expands and Looks Really Big and Flat when I Smile. Is There a Way to Fix That Without Losing Its Character? READ MORE

What Causes a Horizontal Crease Above Upper Lip (Beneath Nose) when I Smile?

I am 42 years old, have never had any facial work done and have recently noticed that when I smile I have a very noticable horizontal fold or raised... READ MORE

Unable to Smile Propely at Almost 7 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty as I had an upturned nose. My doctor moved my tip downward, narrowed my tip and changed the naso-labial angle. At first my upper... READ MORE

Will my Smile Go Back to Normal After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum. I am concerned and worried as my smile is not the same. It also hurts to laugh as though I have a... READ MORE

Laughing/Smiling/Yawning After Septorhinoplasty

Can I laugh/smile/yawn after septo and rhinoplasty? Will this ruin my results? I still have my splint on and I am 4 days post-op. It was an open... READ MORE

My face is asymmetrical. My nose slants to the right, the tip looks twisted and I have a dorsal hump. How can I fix this?(photo)

I'm 18. My smile and cheek bones are more defined on my left side. On the right side it seems I either have excess fat or skin, making me look chubby... READ MORE

Will Laughing, Smiling and Chewing 3 Days After Rhinoplasty Ruin the Results?

I recently had rhinoplasty and I am 2 weeks post op and kinda worried about the results. READ MORE

Nose Pushes Down when I Smile. Is This Hard to Fix?

Thank you for answering my question..I need to ask if it hard correct the type of nose that pushes down when you smile..It is half corrected from the... READ MORE

Can smiling damage the results of the Rhinoplasty?

I recently underwent rhinoplasty ( 2 weeks ago) to fix a deviated septum. sometimes something funny makes me laugh and then i smile and it really... READ MORE

Nose Tip Droops when Smiling, is This a Hyper Active Muscle?

My nose tip droops a little anyway but that doesn't really bother me. When I smile it droops down a lot and my nostrils also seem to flare. Is this... READ MORE

I'm Unable to Smile After Rhinoplasty

I'm one week out from Rhinoplasty and a chin implant. I have numbness in lower lip due to chin implant and my top lip won't move due to... READ MORE

How Do I Minimize Nose Spreading when Smiling? Will This Change With TIme?

I just had rhinoplasty 10 days ago to raise and define my tip, and narrow my nostrils. I love my nose already even though I know it's still... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Type Reduce Nose Size?

I want to be a model and I know that I have a big nose. I hate it when I smile because it looks even wider. Can someone please help me with what I... READ MORE

My Nose is Slowly Growing Downwards and Has Affected my Smile. Can This Be Easily Fixed?

It seems to be growing further down over the years, i am now coming up to 35 and it seems worse the older i get, my nose is pushing my top lip further... READ MORE

Alar Base Procedure for Asian Nose?

I'm fine with my nose, save for it's always been too large at the base, and is especially bad when I smile as it flares out. It's out of proportion... READ MORE

How to Improve Wide Nose and Deep Smile Lines

What can I do to improve the appearance a wide nose and deep smile lines? READ MORE

Droopy Nose Tip when Smiling After Rhinoplasty (photo)??

Hello, I have had 2 rhinoplasty procedures. The first one was to remove a very large hump, and the second one was to improve my droopy tip. Although... READ MORE

Smile Permanently Affected After Rhinoplasty??

In my rhinoplasty 20 months ago, cartilage from my ear was added to the tip of my nose. My septum is hard when i touch it and my upper lip doesn't... READ MORE

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