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Can Rhinoplasty Narrow a Wide Nose and Still Look Natural?

My nostrils are very small but my ala is really wide esspecially when i laugh. Is there a way the doctor can bring in my ala or prevent it from... READ MORE

Can I Make my Nostrils Smaller Without Surgery?

I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure (1 month post-op) and after the reduction of my tip and bridge, my nostrils seem noticeably wide to me. Before,... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope my Nose Will Look Smaller?

I am 4 1/2 months post Rhinoplasty.  Not real happy with the outcome of my surgery, my nose is not at all like I had hoped.  I see my... READ MORE

Removing Cartilage from Tip to Make Nose Shorter?

I want to remove cartilage from the tip of my nose to shorten it. How complex is this and what is the recovery and cost for something like this? READ MORE

Will my Nose Get Any Smaller 6 Months Rhinoplasty?

I got Closed Rhinoplasty. My nose used to have a huge hump on it, and now it's straight, but from the front it looks wide, and from the side it... READ MORE

Does the Nose Become Smaller As Scar Tissue Matures?

I had an open Septorhinoplasty 19 weeks ago to straighten and narrow my nose, and to define my tip. So far, I'm not too satisfied with my result.... READ MORE

I Want a Smaller Nose, but Rhinoplasty Surgeons Suggest Only Minor Changes?

I have been told by one surgeon that if I had nose surgery that he could only make a small change to it. Should I get a second opinion? I have... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Excess Skin

I just wonder, how can you make a big nose smaller and there's not noticable excess skin? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Sebaceous Nose?

I am 50 with very oily skin since 13, worsening with time. I must wash my face approximately every 30 minutes; especially the nose and forehead. I've... READ MORE

Kissing After Rhinoplasty?

How long after an alar base reduction procedure before can make-out with my boyfriend again? The procedure will involve sill incisions and possibly... READ MORE

Does pinching your nose make it smaller and thinner?

My nose is too flat and ot looks very big i ve heart that sikwezing and pinching your nose with your two fingers would make it smaller and thinner is... READ MORE

Can You Change Your Nose Profile Without Affecting the Front of the Face?

Hi, I was just wondering whether its possible to make a nose smaller from the side view (tip deprojection) without affecting much how i look from the... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Made Smaller Without Looking Fake?

I'm a 22 year old female of middle eastern descent. My nose is very big and masculine. My nostrils are big, my nose is long and overprojected, and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Keep Your Nose Shape, but Make the Scale Size Smaller?

I have a large upturned nose, I used to be bullied&called, "Pig." I would cry... I've learned to like my nose b/c I'm a proud... READ MORE

I Want to Make my Nose Proportionally Smaller (photo)

I want a rhinoplasty, but I'm afarid I wont get the results I want without looking like Michael Jackson. Is it possible to have this same nose... READ MORE

Is African American Rhinoplasty Too Complex?

I'm a black American female who is considering Rhinoplasty. I went to a well accredited doctor that told me I should not get it done as it would be... READ MORE

What Would Make my Nose Look Better? (photo)

I've always thought there was something not quite "right" with my nose that I didn't like. I think it's too big or something is... READ MORE

Is a Natural Looking Nose Possible with Rhinoplasty?

I'm looking to get Rhinoplasty to fix issues with my nose. I do not want to look like a different person after. Is it standard for doctors to show me... READ MORE

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