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Will Losing Weight in my Face Make my Nose Look Thinner?

I was left with a slightly pinched tip after a rhinoplasty in 2007. Over the 5 years i have put on 2okg. I am seeking to lose the weight slowly and... READ MORE

Will Nose Get Slimmer After Bridge Reduction?

Will Nose Get Slimmer After Bridge Reduction? READ MORE

What Should I Have Done to My Nose in Order to Slim it Down? (photo)

I am 17, and all my life so far, I've been hating my nose. I just know its too big. I want to get a nose job, should I? READ MORE

Abnormal Nasal Bone Thickness and Hollow Eyes? (photo)

As you can see in the photos, my nasal bone shape is very abnormal and looks deformed. it causes deep, purple hollow tear troughs that i have to cover... READ MORE

What can be done for my 'square' nose? (photos)

I hate how my nose is really square. I've attached a picture looking upwards - rather than it having a normal tip, I almost have two tips and a... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Rhinoplasty And/or Teeth,lip, and Jaw Work for Big Nose/small Mouth? (photo)

Hello, my nose takes away from my features. It looks very big when I smile and "puffs". I don't mind my slight droop but wish my nose was... READ MORE

Will Anyone Be Able to Make my Nose Look Like my Morphed After-photos? (photo)

Does it look like my after-photos is something that could be done? I am looking for someone who is skilled with especially tip-work, since I will need... READ MORE

Can my nose be improved with fillers as I will never go under the knife again? (photo)

I wanted rhinoplasty to slim my nose down other than that I was happy with it .The surgeon that did my rhinoplasty shaved my bone down and there was... READ MORE

Slimmer Face

I'm 21 years old, 1.52cm (5'0) tall, 48kg (105.6 lbs) and I'm very disappointed with my face as it doesn't look as feminine as I want. I am seeking... READ MORE

I want to know if I can get great results with a rhinoplasty with out looking done ,would an implant be needed? (photo)

Hi doctors ! any amazing trustworthy doctors in Los Angeles or Orange County ? Help me please Please let me know the best approach to ache vie a less... READ MORE

I need my nose to be more balanced with the rest of my face. What procedure do you recommend? (photos)

What kind of work do I need done on my nose to have better balance with my face? I wanted to slim down the overall appearance of the bridge and tip,... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Have Rhinoplasty to Remove Some Excess Cartridge? (photo)

I have a broad nose from excess cartridge build up. I've been told that it was from some medication my mother took during pregnancy. How much would it... READ MORE

Grafts and the Area Between the Eyes? (photo)

The area between my eyes is uneven causing my eyes to appear of different sizes on photos.The bridge of my nose however is much thinner and then the... READ MORE

I want a Rhinoplasty but I'm not sure what the procedure might entail for me. What do you think I would need to fix this?(photo)

I have in general a bulbous tip. I don't mind my nose when not smiling, but when I smile it widens dramatically. My nostrils are also slightly... READ MORE

Is it possible to just slim down the tip of the nose? (photos)

Ive been wanting to just slightly slim down the tip of my nose. picture on the left is an edited version of what i want and right picture is my nose... READ MORE

Do I qualify for nasil tip plasty? (photos)

I don't want something dramatic, just a slight tweak on my nose, making my tip more defined and slimmer rather than fat and stubby. What will be the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for bulbous tip refinement? How can I find the best doctor to perform a bulbous tip refinement? (photos)

I have always hated my nose, but as I'm getting older it seems to be getting worse. At 46, I'd like to do something not drastic. I am not looking for... READ MORE

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