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Rhinoplasty After Maxillary Advancement? (photo)

My maxilla was moved forward 6mm to open my airway for apnea purposes. Unfortunately, this movement broadened my nose tip and nostril base quite a bit... READ MORE

Is my septum deviated? If so, would you recommend corrective surgery? (photos)

I'm wondering if my septum is deviated. As someone who has experienced sleep apnea, I've begun to consider the possibility that my septum is deviated.... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Have a Somnoplasty Performed?

I am currently recovering from a rhinoplasty and my breathing has been cumulatively worse since surgery. My breathing was almost as bad pre-op, and I... READ MORE

Do I Need Rhinoplasty After Septoplasty?

Hello! I have been struggling with breathing issues for almost 13 years . I can't sleep at night, and sometimes I get sleep apnea. The thing is my... READ MORE

I have sleep apnea and a deviated septum. Would like to have a septoplasty, rhinoplasty and a chin implant in one shot.

Few questions... I have BCBS which I believe will cover the non-cosmetic portions of Surgery. What costs am I looking at out of pocket? What financing... READ MORE

Is deep sedation dangerous for OSA patient having septorhinoplasty?

I'm consid. septorhinoplasty for breathing & confidence. I have obstr. sleep apnea. I have 3 exper. certif. facial plastic surgs on my list. All 3 use... READ MORE

Breathing issues and Closed Rhinoplasty consultation. (photos)

I just booked my consultation for rhinoplasty. I have read the surgeon I am consulting with only preforms closed rhinoplasty. Here's my situation: I... READ MORE

I need an advice, my nose ridiculously bigger 10 months after surgery, nose has dorsal hump, curving from bridge to tip? (photo)

I had a rhino-septoplasty following a bad septoplasty in August of 2014 , it left me with a nasal collapse and a dorsal hump. . I now am still blocked... READ MORE

I have mild sleep apnea and really big tonsils and a deviated septum is a rhinoplasty safe? (photos)

My ENT suggests that fixing my deviated septum can help my breathing as well as removing my tonsils. I don't use a Cpap. How will anesthia work? READ MORE

Are functional Rhinoplasties covered by IL Medicaid -- specifically, an internal valve collapse caused by prior septoplasties?

Condition is a decade-long in its established pathology. Non-responsive to numerous non-surgical treatments. Likely the genesis, if not a primary... READ MORE

Had a hole closed in septum and only have the bridge left.

I need the septum reconstructed because there is no cartilage anymore. I wear a CPAP on third mask. Leaking air all the time,top breathing at night,... READ MORE

Eleven days since deviated septum surgery. Two days since splints removed. No noticeable improvement? Do I still have to wait?

On Tuesday July 11th I got a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. Two days ago on the 20th I had the splints and cross stitch removed. However... READ MORE

Correction of nose asymmetry following maxillomandibular advancement surgery? Options? (photo)

I am a 63 yr old who had maxillomandibular advancement surgery (mma) for severe sleep apnea about 8 months ago. The surgery left me with asymmetry of... READ MORE

Skin twisting over nose after rhinoplasty as it shrinks. It's uncomfortable, experiencing sleep apnea due to nostril retraction.

I had a septal cartilage shield graft put in crooked/derotated and it is obstructing breathing in my left nostril. My nostril is retracted on the left... READ MORE

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