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My face is asymmetrical. My nose slants to the right, the tip looks twisted and I have a dorsal hump. How can I fix this?(photo)

I'm 18. My smile and cheek bones are more defined on my left side. On the right side it seems I either have excess fat or skin, making me look chubby... READ MORE

Crooked Jaw Causing Nose to Slant to the Left. Can Rhinoplasty Disguise It?

Hi. I had upper & lower jaw surgery (lefort/bsso) in Feb. 2009 - septum somehow shifted & my nose slanted to the left -had septoplasty to... READ MORE

Slanted Nasal Implant After Rhinoplasty, What's Causing It? What Can I Do?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty done a month ago and now that the swelling has gradually subsided, I see that the silicon implant is gradually slanting to the... READ MORE

Will the asymmetrical nostrils and slant ever even out? When? (photos)

Almost 2 weeks post op. My doctor is not concerned, but I am worried. It makes sense that when the swelling goes down it will be better, but the... READ MORE

Could a Tip-plasty Help? (photo)

My columella slants to the right and this pushes up my right nostril (and cartilage?) quite a bit. My nose is obviously very asymmetrical, bulbous and... READ MORE

Nose Slightly Tilted 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had surgery to correct my deviated septum and to remove my dorsal hump. My nose now looks great in profile view, but it now looks slightly tilted... READ MORE

Tilted Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a Rhinoplasty done 16 days ago for my dorsal hump and nural bone deviation. I find that as time passes on it's tilting back in the direction it... READ MORE

Columella Very Slanted After Surgery.

I had a septoplasty (deviated septum) and tip rhinoplasty 2.5 months ago. I'm breathing fine, however my Columella is very slanted. Very... READ MORE

Slanted Nose 4 Weeks Post-op

Me and my friend had a rhinoplasty on the same day. we're both now 4 weeks post-op. what was concerning us that both our noses look slanted! is... READ MORE

Asymmetry and Rounded Tip After Rhino/septoplasty

I had rhino/septoplasty that was done 8 days ago. However, concerned about the areas listed on my pic. I seem to have a larger bump, a slant, low and... READ MORE

It's been a year since I broke my nose, can I still fix my slanted/broken nose? (photo)

Hello, my names karina. Im 17 and about an year ago or two I broke my nose. Well its not fractured or shattered in to peices just slanted a little to... READ MORE

Does my Nose Need to Be Fixed? Will Insurance Cover This if So? (photo)

My nose is slanted to the right side of my face. I've always had problems with sinuses ,facial pain, and I CONSTANTLY have nasal drip going down my... READ MORE

Does a Slanted Cast = a Slanted Nose?

I am one day post op and my cast looks like it's going to oneside... Does this mean my cast is shaping the nose in that exact position or is it... READ MORE

Why is my Post-op Nose Slanted Suddenly?

My nose looked good but still big when the cast came off and it was healing very well, or so it seemed. It was getting more defined and smaller, but... READ MORE

My nose tip is slanted and leaning towards the right? Is this abnormal? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 15 days ago. I know I should be patient when it comes to my results, but this has got me very worried. A few days ago I noticed... READ MORE

Is One Side of my Slanted or More Swollen? (photo)

I did an open rhino 8 months ago, it involved using goretex implant for bridge and ear cartilage for tip. It is still swollen as the Plastic Surgeon... READ MORE

My nose is slanted and split at the tip? What can I do about it? (Photo)

I am so insecure about my nose. I've looked at pictures of myself when I was younger, and it did not look like this. I don't know what happened, but I... READ MORE

Nose still appears slanted post rhinoplasty, does it appear deviated or possible uneven swelling?

2 months post rhino and my nose is similar to before, slanted and asymmetric. The same curve on the side of my nose is present post rhinoplasty. Also,... READ MORE

Do I need rhinoplasty? If yes please mention all the things that is wrong with my nose (Photo)

I dont look good in any of my photos and i'm not happy with my nose i think i have a slanted nose with a projected tip and i'm thinking of having a... READ MORE

How is It Possible for a Deviated Septum to Be Tilted Left Prior to Surgery and Post Rhinoplasty Have the Septum Tilt Right?

I was curious if it is possible to have a deviated septum that tilts to the left and post rhinoplasty have a deviated septum that tilts to the right?... READ MORE

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