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What Are the Possible Risks in Shaving Down Nose Hump?

I have small hump on my nose (dorsal) part of the prominence resulted from and injury and part I feel was inherited? I never really noticed before I... READ MORE

Procedure for Nose That Widens with Smile?

When I smile, my nose ''spreads'' across my face. Is there a procedure to stop me from getting this with a rhinoplasty? Will alar base procedure... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Patient with Thick Skin?

I read about doctors being able to ''thin the skin'' on Rhinoplasty patients with thick skin. How is this performed, and is this the same as nasal... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Excess Skin

I just wonder, how can you make a big nose smaller and there's not noticable excess skin? READ MORE

How Long Does Skin Reshaping Last After Rhinoplasty?

I received my initial rhinoplasty about 1.5 years ago and because not enough cartlidge was removed on the dorsal part, I had a revision rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How to Minimize Skin Care Complications from Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I'd like to get a surgeons' answers on this. I've heard that with some Rhinoplasty surgeries, patients complain about skin problems after... READ MORE

How to Tighten Nasal Skin After Rhinoplasty?

I had a really large hump removed from my nose, and the skin around my nose is no longer as tight as it used to be. What can I do to tighten it? My... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if I Have Thick or Thin Nasal Skin?

Hello, I am wondering how to tell if I have thick or thin nasal skin. I am blonde with very fair skin; however, my skin does tend to be oily and I do... READ MORE

Tip Rhinoplasty for Nose with Thin Skin?

I don't like the tip of my nose. I think it's too boxy, large, and one side is higher up than the other. I don't like the look of it from front on. My... READ MORE

Realistic Expectation on Rhinoplasty for Patients with Thick Skin?

Hi, I want to get Rhinoplasty when I am about 17 years old. I'm a male. Me and my mom are looking for a surgeon and are looking at what is reasonable... READ MORE

Skin Necrosis and Rhinoplasty

How common is skin necrosis from rhinoplasty,in most cases I have read it occured usually during within a month post surgery. I am now more then 3... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct Thick, Wide Nose?

I'm wondering what kind of result I could expect from rhinoplasty when the tip of my nose is very wide and round and I want a more defined, sharper... READ MORE

Is Skin Graph Necessary in Rhinoplasty?

If so, how much does a skin graph cost? READ MORE

Is It Possible for Skin to Not Reattach to Cartilage After Rhinoplasty?

I had a poor rhinoplasty 5 years ago leaving me with collapsed upper lateral cartilages and agressive removal of lower lateral cartilages.When I pinch... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Recommended for Narrowing Nose Due to Thick Skin?

My nose appears to be very thick, and I think I have thick skin as well, which, to my understanding, is a problem. Also the tip is asymmetrical. (I... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Discoloration After Rhinoplasty?

How much does it cost to fix discoloration from Rhinoplasty with laser? Do you have to be put out with anesthesia or can you actually just do it in... READ MORE

Small Nostrils Due to Thick Skin

The skin around my nostrils is so thick that my nostrils are small. How could that be corrected? READ MORE

Nose Surgery to Fix Thick and Round African American Nose?

I have a somewhat average nose for an African American. However, it is very round at the tip. I really don't like it cause makes my nose look... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Remove Skin During Rhinoplasty?

Can a plastic surgeon remove skin during rhinoplasty to make it narrow? If yes, does it look abnormal? Are there are any risks? READ MORE

What Happens to the Skin Elasticity After an Open Rhinoplasty Dorsal Hump Removal?

Hello, I'm scheduled to have an open Rhinoplasty next week. I will be having the hump removed which just now led me to wonder what will happen to... READ MORE

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