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What professional doctor should be first choice for the nasal deviated septum surgery, Plastic Surgeon or ENT specialist?

I have chronic maxillary sinusitis but always affect my left side, left facial pain and left ear blockage. The CT scan shows left nasal septal... READ MORE

What are the usual side effect of the nasal septal deviation surgery?

I have chronic maxillary sinustitis but alway affacts on my left side, left facial pain and left ear blockage. The CT scan shows left nasal septal... READ MORE

Can I Get Rhinoplasty if I Have Sinusitis?

I want to get a Rhinoplasty, but I get sinusitis often. Will this prevent the surgery from being possible, or will it cause complications during or... READ MORE

What is Causing Pressure on my Nasal Bump?

I always feel pressure on my Nasal Bump. I am taking Nasonex for rhinitis but this hasn't alleviated the issue. I'm under Blue-Cross and the doctors... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon do a sinus surgery along with a rhinoplasty?

I am in need of a sinus surgery from chronic sinusitis and a deviated septum. While we are at it I thought we could add a rhinoplasty to make the tip... READ MORE

What's The Cause Of Eye Pain and Redness 5 Months After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty around 5 months ago and my eyes sting sometimes and i have the occassional blood vessels tuning my eye red. I know the nerves... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Cause Chronic Ear Infections?

I have had rhinoplasty done like 6 months ago and had four painful ear infections since, which two of them resulted in ear and sinus infections. I do... READ MORE

I Suffer from Chronic Sinusitis As Well As a Crooked Nose with a Dorsal Hump and a Weak Chin? (photo)

Any Insurance Coverage Options? Also have breathing restrictions through my nose. Would the surgery be partially covered by insurance? If so, are... READ MORE

Bleeding of Septum After Alarplasty 6 Months Ago?

I have undergone for alarplast last 6 months ago. and if i would travel for too long and exposed to dust and smoke my septum would bleed. i have... READ MORE

I Need to Thin my Nose Bridge After my Sinusitus Condition Ruined It? (photo)

For a long time, i've had chronic sinusitus issues. up until i was about 12 years of age, my nose bridge eventually gave in. it swelled out to the... READ MORE

After Rhinoplasty is It Possible It Can Cause an Obstruction in the Sinus Cavities Resulting in Causing Silent Sinus Syndrome..

My wife had Rhinoplastic operation on her nose, her eye lid drooped down and she was admitted into the hospital. And was diagnosed with Chronic... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best for my crooked nose and snoring problem? (photos)

I have had a septoplasty done already due to chronic sinusitis & snoring. I still have trouble breathing through my left side and my snoring is worse... READ MORE

Sinusitis and Alarplasty?

Last july 2012 i have undergone for alarplasty.. and i knew that i was still in the healing process.. and now i ve been suffering from sinuitis. if... READ MORE

does a breathe right nasal strip improve my breathing for nasal valve collapse?

Hello. I have been diagnosed with nasal valve collapse. doctor said this can be the reason why I have persistent sinusitis despite surgery and medical... READ MORE

Sinusitis and rhinoplasty. Can I clear stuffiness by inhaling steam, or will it damage my nose?

I'm a patient of xhronic maxillary sinusitis! Followed its treatment regimen in feb2014 n was ok but was advised for daily nasal irrigation with... READ MORE

I have crooked nose. Am I a candidate for a Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have a crooked nose, happened by a fracture. I've gone trough some surgery 3-4 years ago, not cosmetic but done for Sinusitis Infection.It is not... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty (with implant) and Endoscopic Surgery for Sinusitis.

I had rhinoplasty several years ago. An implant was inserted to increase the height of my nose bridge. At this moment, I am contemplating Endoscopic... READ MORE

Are spreader grafts and permanent sutures at risk during an episode of acute rhinosinusitis?

I have spreader graft secured with permanent prolene sutures in my middle vault done almost 9 months ago. I caught an episode of acute viral... READ MORE

2wks post op. Cont. Low grade fever/colored drainage. On antibiotics. What's the most likely cause of infection? Is this common?

26y.o. Healthy recurrent sinusitis and get c diff from any antibiotic usage. 2 wks post op septo, rhino, turb. Cont. Fever, chills, weakness. Doing... READ MORE

Is my bridge high or low? Is my cartilage high enough? Why are my nostrils so wide? What can I do to improve the shape? (Photo)

I want ask a number of things. 1. Is my nose bridge high or low. I come from an ethnicity known for high nose bridges. 2. Is my cartilage not high... READ MORE

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