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Hard Bumps on Nose After Rhinoplasty

I am five weeks post open rhinoplasty. I had a tension nose with a pronounced hump and droopy tip. Everything has gone very well, and I was... READ MORE

Do Non-surgical Nose Fillers Have Any Long-term Effects?

Does the non-surgical nose job have any long-term effects? Have injectable fillers been FDA approved for use on the nose? I was wondering if the... READ MORE

What Are Potential Rhinoplasty Side Effects?

What potential problems may occur with Rhinoplasty? Are they common? READ MORE

Pros/cons of Steroid Injections After Rhinoplasty?

I'd heard doctors sometimes do steroid injections for swelling post rhinoplasty. Why do they not do it regularly? Are there drawbacks or bad side... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Long-Term Side Effects?

If one does Rhiniplasty, would it affect them when they get older? Would the skin wrinkle and the nose stay the same? Or get damaged, over stretch?... READ MORE

Swelling 4 Years After Rhinoplasty - How Can I Determine What's Causing It?

Hi, I have undergone four consecutibve rhinoplasties, first 2 at a gap of 6 months, and last at a gap of 4 years. The second last rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Does Swelling Usually Increase After the Nose Splint is Removed?

Hi, I have just had my splint removed after a revisional rhinoplasty. I was very happy with the definition in my nose this time. It is two days later... READ MORE

Does Smoking and Alcohol Increase Swelling Post Rhinoplasty?

I had open rhinoplasty surgery about 2 months ago and it looked good until I started partying. Does alcohol consumption or smoking increase... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Infection and Swelling More Than a Year Later

The tip of my nose is still pretty swelled up after 13 months of surgery. 10 months into the recovery from surgery, I had a steroid injection, which... READ MORE

How to Minimize Skin Care Complications from Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I'd like to get a surgeons' answers on this. I've heard that with some Rhinoplasty surgeries, patients complain about skin problems after... READ MORE

What are the usual side effect of the nasal septal deviation surgery?

I have chronic maxillary sinustitis but alway affacts on my left side, left facial pain and left ear blockage. The CT scan shows left nasal septal... READ MORE

Nose Bridge Painful After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty to correct a hump on my bridge, rotate the tip, and define it better. This was in December. It's now the end of February and my tip... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Blood in my Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I still got blood in both of my eyes. What should I do to reduce or get rid of the blood in less than a week because... READ MORE

Scar Tissue or Swelling After Removal of Nasal Implant?

I'm a 24 year old Asian girl who had Rhinoplasty 4 months ago. I had an L-shaped silicone implant to increase the bridge height, and ear cartilage... READ MORE

Gortex Vs Silicone Elastomer Silastic Nose Implants?

I need to know what kind of implants that is good for the augmentation of the nose? Gortex or silicone elastomer silastic? Is it true that this 2... READ MORE

Swelling and Discoloration After Rhinoplasty

Hi! I had a complicated Rhinoplasty revision a year ago. My surgeon is in LA so I have been unable to go back and see him. My nose still looks... READ MORE

When Will the Swelling Stop After Rhinoplasty?

I have broken my nose 3 times. The third time I smashed half of it flat. I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty almost 2 months ago. He didn't have to break... READ MORE

What Should I Do About Complications After Rhinoplasty?

I had a Rhinoplasty procedure back on January last year and had to keep going back to my doctor for up to a year after since I was having breathing... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

Hi, I had Rhinoplasty which also included fixing the septum, performed one and a half weeks ago. Three days ago, the splint was taken off, but I can... READ MORE

Tip Reduction Side Effects?

I am not sure if I need tip reduction. My surgeon reccommended I should have it otherwise if I have alar reduction, my bulbous tip of my nose will... READ MORE

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