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Is a Long Nose Shortened Only by Rotating the Tip?

I spoke to a doctor who said that the only way to make a nose shorter is to rotate the tip. Is this so? My nose is overprojected and large, in... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Boxing

I Need to Find a Surgeon Who Understands a Situation Im Trying to Solve. Long story short i have a unsually long nose and will be starting my boxing... READ MORE

Can I Reduce the Length of my Really Long Nose? (photo)

I really want to reduce the vertical length of my nose and was wondering if this is possible and if so whats the limit in terms of shortening?... READ MORE

Reducing Nose Length Riskier Than Other Nose Jobs?

Is it true that performing a Rhinoplasty to shorten a long nose, which also involves reducing the nostrils for females, more difficult to perform than... READ MORE

Apart from Nasal Tip Surgery Can You Shorten a Long Nose? (photo)

I know nasal tip surgery can create the illusion of a shorter nose, but is there actually any other way of shortening a nose by the means of actually... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Short Following Rhinoplasty

Hi, I had an open Rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and my nose is shorter now than before the surgery. We didn't discuss shortening the length of my nose,... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Long Nose Shorter? (photo)

I have a nose that's longer than what I would like. How much shorter would a rhinoplasty make it? READ MORE

My Nose is Still Long After Rhinoplasty, Why is this? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty a month aago to remove a hump, push back the tip, and remove droopy cartilage. Today, my hump is still there bu tthe doctor says it... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Nose Widening with Smile, Wide Nostrils, Bulbous Tip, Short Bridge. What Needs to Be Done and Average Cost? (photo)

My nose isnt awful when Im not smiling, but when I smile or widen my mouth my nose gets much larger/wider. The tip is big, but I have a short bridge.... READ MORE

At 56, Am I Too Old for Tip Rhinoplasty?

I know my eyes and neck aren't great, but I've had this huge nose all of my life and I would love to at least have the tip shortened, as it looks like... READ MORE

Will Shortening my Nose Make my Midface Look Smaller? (photo)

I really want to shorten my nose but also i want my midface to look smaller, can you tell me if shortening the nose will create this effect? also what... READ MORE

Can a Hanging Columella Make a Nose Look Longer? (photo)

I have a hanging columella and was just wondering how my face could improve if i got it fixed. I was wondering if a hanging columella can make a nose... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shorten the Nose with Rhinoplasty but Keeping the Tip Untouched?

I have quite a long nose but I do like the tip of my nose and so Im wondering if it is even possible to shorten the nose without remodeling the tip of... READ MORE

7 Years Post Jaw Surgery, Long Philtrum and Long Nose. Should I Get a Nose Job, Lip Lift, Both? (photo)

I had both upper and lower orthognathic surgery 7 years ago and both my nose and philitrum have lengthened since 1. Would a tip rhinoplasty my long... READ MORE

What Type of Nose Do I Have? (photo)

What type of nose do i have and what is the steps to make it shorter and upturned, as i think it will make straight. I did not have this droppy nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Stiffness/pain?

I am 2 months post op and had an open rhinoplasty to shorten my nose. My nose feels sore when I touch it on the sides and it almost feels like there... READ MORE

Is This Kind of Nose Tip Augmentation, Repositioning of Nostril Angle, and Perhaps Reduction of Nostril Width Possible?

Is this kind of nose tip augmentation, repositioning of nostril angle, and perhaps reduction of nostril width possible? I think the main problem with... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Without Removing Nose Bump?

I am having a consultation next week for rhinoplasty. My concern is I want to keep the shape of my nose. I have a 'bump' on it. I want the length... READ MORE

Shorter Nose with Rhinoplasty Like Angelina Jolie?

Is it possible for anyone to get their nose done shorter but straight when they have a little dorsal hump on their nose without making the whole nose... READ MORE

If You Shorten a Nose Do You Also Need to Also Extend the Philtrum? (photo)

Hello there, i had a long midface/nose, i was wondering how you actually shorten a nose if the philtrum only reaches the nostril i have included a... READ MORE

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