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My Face is Asymmetric and Ugly. Is It Just my Nose? Or More?

I know that if I got a nose job it would bring out my other features. But I feel like my whole face is messed up. Like my eyes and eyebrows are uneven... READ MORE

2 months after open rhinoplasty and devastated. Nose looks near about the same, confidence & self-esteem completely gone (Photo)

I've had an open rhinoplasty to remove hump, slim down bulbous tip and lift. My nose looks near about the same. I have been waiting for this all my... READ MORE

Should I Get a Nose Job?

Im 14, and my nose is just huge, and before i start im not one of those vain, wants to be perfext kids, i just literally want to be normal, im so... READ MORE

Should I get a nose job/nose lift? (photos)

Im insecure about my nose. ive had people tell me that its "round" and ugly and no thats not why i want the nose job, its just because it would make... READ MORE

I need a nose job as my nose is wonky & I cannot breathe through one nostril. Am I a candidate for a Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am 16 with a wonky nose that was possibly broken but not fixed as a child. It has ruined my self confidence and it of course my main feature... READ MORE

I want to do a rhinoplasty, but I am afraid of unexpected results. Can you help? (Photo)

My nose was always a probleme to my selfconfedence, I want to do a rhinoplasty but I'm afraid of the unexpected results , where can i see, a computer... READ MORE

My Selfestrem is Low Because my of My Nose, Who Can Help Me Afford It?

I just wanna simple Rihnoplasty to bring in the wideness is there someone who can Mabe please donate the procedure please I'm I don't have... READ MORE

Do you think this new nose suits my face? (photos)

I have digitally altered my current nose and will present this to my surgeon. I would love to have your opinions on it. Do you think it's aesthetic,... READ MORE

How to make face softer/ more feminine? All advice and suggestions welcome! Looking to get surgery this summer. (photos)

I definitely want to get my nose slimmed and have the bump removed. I think it's a little asymmetrical too? My face looks really asymmetrical to me,... READ MORE

My nose nostrils are uneven after 1 year and 7 months postoperation. Any suggestions? (photos)

Its my secord nose job and my doctor said i have fibrosis so i did my second nose job but this time my nostils are uneven and this makes me less... READ MORE

Would I be eligible for a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm really insecure about my nose and my confidence if at its lowest because I'm so self conscious about its size. What would you doctors recommend? READ MORE

Would rhinoplasty mess up my nose even further? (Photos)

I really hate my nose. It makes my face look fat and monkeyish. Ive always been insecure bout my nose since second grade. I want to get surgery done... READ MORE

i would like to define my nose, what would be the best procedure?

I would like to redefine my nose as it does get in the way of my confidence greatly, and most importantly it doesn't feel comfortable on my face at... READ MORE

I have always wanted surgery to correct my nose? Am I likely to see improvements from surgery? (Photos)

I have always wanted surgery to correct my nose, make it straighter and also narrow the bottom to make it less wide. Do you think that it is possible... READ MORE

What's the best option to remove the bump on my nose to make my nose thinner and not so droopy looking? (photos)

What's the best way to get a smaller, thinner nose removing the bump on top of my nose and making my nose not so droopy ? I'm in college and I'm... READ MORE

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